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How Our Schedule Planner App Is Used In Psychotherapy

Schedule Planner (and its paid version Schedule Planner Pro) is one of our most popular own apps that has been downloaded over 2 million times since it was first launched to the...

Why Event Organizers Must Build Apps For Exhibitors, Not Just Attendees

Many event organizers today tend to be (or at least want to make an impression of being) innovative and, thus, oftentimes create mobile or web apps for event visitors to...

Top 10 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2014

Nothing stands still in the IT world, and how you shape the changes usually has a direct impact on your business success. I've asked our web designers to compile a list of 10...

Ukrainian IT Talent Pool to Hit 100,000 Tech Specialists by 2020

Ukrainian government and IT community have recently announced the launch of a new ambitious project aimed to turn Ukraine into the "tech brain basket" of Europe. Read more...

How to Develop a Native App for Google Glass

There's no rocket science when it comes to Google Glass OS - it's Android 4 with a special Glass enabled launcher that lets you easily install any Android apps on the gadget via...

Technology Trends To Watch in 2014: Report From Interop Las Vegas

We spent the whole last week exhibiting at Interop Las Vegas, and even though we were very busy at our booth, we did manage to attend some conference keynote sessions and get a...

How to Develop a Profitable iOS App [Part 1]

This post is based on the analysis of profitability and user loyalty of more than 220 iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch apps that Intersog has built and launched to the App Store so far...