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Intersog has been delivering top-quality Objective-C development services to clients across the industries for over a decade. Headquartered in Chicago, we operate globally helping you find world-class Objective-C developers for hire. Our expertise now serves you.


Intersog gets your team ready in a matter of days. Tell us how many people you need, and we’ll help you hire Objective-C developers ASAP.


We give you the opportunity to interview all the developers we give you and choose the ones that suit your team better, so the choice is yours.


We deliver results fast while saving up to 40% of your project budget. We charge reasonably and deliver success worth more than money.

Global Outreach

We deliver custom iOS development services worldwide and make sure our clients are satisfied with the quality of the product.

Why Choose Objective-C for your iOS Project?

Objective-C is the programming language that is specifically used for iOS and its application programming interfaces. It is an object-oriented, general-purpose language that uses C syntax. Originally developers way back in the 1980s the Objective-C language remains relevant to this day and is one of the most popular languages among iOS developers.

Advantages of Using Objective-C

Ideal for iOS Apps
Dynamic Apps
Simple Syntax

Ideal for iOS Apps

Objective-C is best suited for developing perfect iOS apps since it was primarily designed for that purpose. If you want to build an exclusive app for Apple devices from scratch, Objective-C is likely your best option. It is a time-tested language that’s been in use for decades. There are thousands of products written in Object-C, products that have already demonstrated incredible functionality of this programming language.

jQuery is Simple

Dynamic Apps

Objective-C allows for dynamic, scalable, and customizable applications, which is essential these days. You need your app to be flexible and easily scalable in case you need to add any more features to it, and naturally, you can create such apps with this programming language. If you know your app is going to change and grow over its lifecycle, it is better to use Objective-C as it allows you to easily scale your application up and down.

SEO Friendly

Simple Syntax

Objective-C, as you can tell by the name, is based around the C syntax, which is known for its simplicity. It is a widely used syntax familiar to many developers who work with C++, so it is possible to pick it up even for those who never worked with Objective-C before. Anyway, we give you dedicated developers who know exactly what they are doing, so you don’t need to worry about it at all.



Once you write your app in Objective-C, you don’t need to update your app every time they roll out a new update for the language. That might be the case with other iOS-specific languages like Swift where you’d need to migrate your app to the newer version of the framework every once in a while. With Objective-C app development, you do not need to worry about such things and just keep on going with your standard application through all the updates.

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Convenient Recruitment Model

We offer you a team of developers with a trackable record of problem-solving and working on Objective-C projects.

Real Experts

We give you the CVs of our best experts and you choose the ones you want on your team. Just tell us how many people you need.

Your Choice

Thanks to our global presence, we can get you a team of developers who match your culture and values to create a perfect synergy.

Culture and Values

Once you approve the composition of the team, our developers are ready to roll – we waste no time delivering results.

Fast Deployment

Our QA experts run regular tests throughout the development process to make sure the application runs smoothly and bug-free.

Expertise and Care

Intersog is more than just a vendor or a freelance Objective-C agency – we are your trusty partner providing top-shelf custom software development services. We deliver our services across industries, starting with game development and ending with healthcare – you can trust us with your project.

Professional Partnership

With Intersog, you can hire Objective-C programmers from all around the world and get your project going in a matter of days. We do not just give you our best developers, we give you our expertise and true partnership. This includes full-cycle development services that include consulting, design, development, testing, and support.

Genuine Care

We approach each of our clients with real human values and genuine care. Honesty, respect, and clarity are critical for our cooperation model. We truly love what we do here and we put that love into all of our products. We develop lovely applications for you, consult you on the best solutions, and develop apps that excite the users.

Ready to Roll

Intersog helps you hire developers in a matter of days rather than spending months of time looking for the developers yourself. We can develop an entirely new product for you or improve the existing one with reverse engineering. Our developers are world-class experts and they are ready to hop on your project ASAP.

Global Outreach for Your Success

Intersog is a Chicago-based company that provides software development services to clients across continents and industries.

Why Hire Dedicated Objective-C Developers?

Each company has its own reasons to hire a team of developers:

  • You don’t have any iOS developers in house
  • You want to hire fast and save up some money
  • You want to augment your team with developers
  • You need seniors to lead your team

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