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Intersog mobile app developers will help you create iOS and Android applications that drive your business growth with a killer experience and astonishing UI design.
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Intersog mobile app development company provides professional app developers and dedicated teams for hire. We will help businesses build commercial and custom mobile applications with a combination of trending technologies and programming languages for any platform and operating system.
Software Development

Hybrid & Cross-platform apps

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Intersog is a custom mobile app development company in the USA that provides top-notch services for North American businesses.

We work with growing startups and Fortune 500 companies, delivering mobile application development services and helping you find the best IT talent. Intersog can get you a whole team of nearshore or offshore developers regardless of where you are on the map.

Client Success

Intersog built an educational and marketing portal that helped the Northern Trust Corporation qualify target prospects
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We built a collaborative software development team with Elite Staffing to facilitate the analysis, definition, testing and delivery phases
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Workout and Health Monitoring App Development for iOS and Android
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App Design and Development Strategy

Ideation & Strategy

We build the roadmap to your app’s success and discuss core functionality, competitors, mobility solutions, monetization strategy, and app marketing.

User Experience Design

Next up we will design the architecture of your app. It is one of the most important parts of the mobile development process as it determines how intuitively users can navigate through your app.

UI Design

Once the wireframes are ready, our seasoned UI/UX designers will create style decks tailored to your app’s targeted user. At this stage, we will also test fully-rendered click-through models before handing off to the mobile app development service provider.

Technical Design Workshop

Before we commit a line of code, we will work with you to determine the ideal front- and back-end technology stack for your mobile app project. Choosing the right technology is a crucial step as it will determine your app’s user experience, scalability and performance.

Iterative App Development

This is when we begin building your iOS/Android application in an iterative mobile development process. Each cycle includes planning, custom development, testing, and code review.

Launch to Market

Your mobile app is ready to be presented to the world! As a custom mobile app development company, we make sure the application fits all the technical and design criteria set by official app stores and take care of post-deployment, bug fixing, and continuous improvement.

Convenient Recruitment Process

Whenever you hire a developer, you want to be sure they are up to the task. We give you developers with a proven record of expertise.

Real Experts

We give you a selection of our best developers and you can interview each of them to find the ones that suit your team better. The choice is always yours.

Your Choice

We operate globally to help you find people who match your team, its culture, and its values. Intersog offers a diverse talent pool of world-class developers.

Matching Cultures

Once you approve the composition of the team, we are ready to roll. We waste no time and it takes us just several days before we are ready to start.


Our QA experts will run regular tests to make sure your software is up to the highest standards. Intersog puts quality above all else, and it truly shows.

Quality Assurance

Achieve Excellence with Your New Partner

Intersog does much more than help you hire mobile app developers. We build a strong partnership that includes custom mobile application development services, IT consulting, and support. We are much more than just a regular vendor; we are a trustworthy partner.


We consult you on mobile app development services to achieve your goals. Analyze your background and specs, define your objectives, and take specific actions to meet your goals. We offer a time and cost-efficient engagement model that saves your resources and helps you get a return on investment faster. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve success.


We provide agile, high-quality custom mobile application development services. Our delivery team constantly updates the application's functionality to stay ahead of the game. In addition, we offer you the proper development tools and technologies to ensure that your app is entirely functional and perfectly user-friendly.


We do not just leave you once we finish the code; Intersog's full-cycle custom mobile application development services include ongoing support and performance improvements. We keep testing the application and maintaining its proper functioning. It doesn't matter whether your app is a game, dating app, or marketplace app: our expert team will take care of it.

Build your next app project with Intersog mobile development services and dedicated teams

Hire professional app developers at your location or at Intersog’s delivery centers in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Hire app developers

Mobile Tech Expertise

No matter how big or small your app development challange is, Intersog offers you professional engineers and teams skilled in any kind of mobile development and programming language.

  • Apache Cordova
  • Xamarin
  • Hybrid & Cross-platform
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Scrum and Agile Staff
  • Java

Versatile Development Services

Android App Development
iOS App Development
AR Applications

Android App Development

Android devices are everywhere these days and there are millions and millions of Android users across the markets and industries. You might want to offer your unique product to this increasingly broad user base. We create Android apps using a wide variety of programming languages and tools that allow us to create a top-notch product tailored to your needs.


iOS App Development

A native iOS application will surely pay off because Apple users show much more brand loyalty than Android users do. Intersog develops iOS applications that excite the users and help you achieve your goals. Regardless of what your goals are, we can surely handle your project and deliver results that surpass the highest expectations.

Safety and Security


Intersog builds hybrid or cross-platform apps that run flawlessly on both iOS and Android devices. We leverage the capabilities of such frameworks like React Native to build applications that feel native on both iOS and Android devices. If your goal is to build a hybrid app, we are here to help you out.

Simple Deployment

AR Applications

Augmented Reality applications have become extremely popular in the past couple of years, and we build top-notch context-aware AR applications that use location data to improve the quality and usability of the apps. We develop a wide variety of features and 3D models for AR applications.

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    Putting Our Skills to Good Use

    Intersog develops all major types of applications and does it with maximum efficiency and unparalleled expertise. We do not play around and develop applications that match your needs precisely so that you can achieve your digital transformation goals faster.

    Gaming Apps

    Basically, those are video games you can play on your smartphone. Of course, these games are not as advanced as the ones for the big platforms like PC or gaming consoles but they are getting more popular every year. Mobile games are catching up really fast and they provide numerous monetization opportunities, which makes them rather lucrative.

    Productivity Apps

    These kinds of applications focus on increasing the efficiency of your firm as well as your individual productivity. Productivity apps can automate certain processes, delving into the IoT domain, track the progress, help organize your personal schedule, and so much more. You can either use the app within your organization or sell it to clients worldwide for profit.

    Lifestyle Apps

    Those have become extremely popular in recent years and they get promoted by celebrities and media alike. Fitness, nutrition and dietary, social media, dating, and all kinds of entertainment apps can be counted in. You can hire a mobile app development services provider to create your own unique product that gets you to the top and makes money.

    How Mobile Apps Benefit Your Business

    Better Communication
    Recognition and Loyalty
    Awareness and Sales
    Customer Engagement
    Brand Differentiation
    Boost Recognition

    Better Communication

    Mobile applications have already proven to be extremely effective in engaging customers and increasing the efficiency of communication between the brand and the consumer. If you want to properly communicate your message with the clients, inform them about new offers, services, features, and discounts – application is the way to go. Of course, not every business needs an app, but if you are big enough and work with a large number of customers, applications might be your best choice. More efficient communication brings value to the business and customers alike, so it surely is worth investing in.

    Recognition and Loyalty

    Building customer loyalty is a tricky aspect of your marketing strategy but it is paramount so you cannot omit it. Business applications help you smooth this process up a bit by developing a streamlined communication through notifications and reminders. Of course, you need to go light with the notifications so that you do not annoy your customers but it is essential that you keep on communicating with your target audience and keep your brand in sight. It will also help increase brand recognition so that the customers are more likely to choose you and not your competitors.

    Awareness and Sales

    The research shows that most online searches are made on the go using mobile devices rather than laptops. People are used to browsing the web using their phones, which is why you must make sure they find your brand before they find your competitors. A good website or web app will attract new customers and increase your sales. The customers are more likely to stick with the brand that offers a comfortable, intuitive, and on-point service navigation. You must make sure the clients feel compelled to use your services. The application must be made in such a way as to ensure ease of use and an intuitive interface. Intersog makes all of that possible.

    Customer Engagement

    While it is essential to maintain proper business-to-client communication, it is also critical to make sure your customers can reach out to you. Regardless of your size, it is paramount that your customers could reach out to you and express their opinions and concerns. A mobile app is a perfect tool for establishing proper B2C and C2B communication, and you should totally consider investing in it. You need to make sure the app is intuitive and really simple to use because the simpler it is to make a purchase with the app, the better. If you want to make sure you stay in touch with your clients and that their voices are being heard, you must go for the mobile application.

    Brand Differentiation

    Well, that one might be up to discussion because it seems that everybody has a mobile app these days, but it might actually help you stand out from the crowd. If you manage to come up with a unique concept for the app or contact a top development agency like Intersog, you can actually manage to come up with something truly unique. Of course, the market is really saturated and the modern users are hard to impress but it is still possible. If you manage to do things right, you might just hit the perfect spot.

    Boost Recognition

    Advertising your brand and making it more recognizable is a challenging task, and a decent mobile app can make a huge difference. Social media marketing, outdoor adds, billboards, and all that stuff are going to make a difference but it is the mobile app that can truly help your brand stand out. The most important moment here is when the client downloads the app, which means they are already hooked and you are likely to sell them your product, which is the whole idea here.

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    Achieve Success the Intersog Way

    Intersog has been delivering top-notch mobile solutions to clients worldwide for the past 15 years, and over that time, we gained the experience and knowledge to realize your most ambitious ideas. We came up with a simple and efficient cooperation model:


    We start our cooperation by consulting you on the solutions that would help us achieve your goals. We plan the development process and find the ways to realize your vision.

    Development and QA

    Intersog can realize your most ambitious ideas and we can guarantee the quality of the solutions we develop for you. Our QA experts run regular tests to ensure superb quality.

    Product Deployment

    We deploy a lovely application you and your customers are going to enjoy. As a cross-platform mobile app development services firm, we make apps for iOS and Android.


    We do not just code for you and leave once the job is done; we offer you our support and maintenance services to make sure your app runs smoothly and update it when needed.

    Our Global Talent Outreach is Now Yours

    Intersog is based in Chicago, USA, and has offices across the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe providing services to clients all around the world.

    Tel Aviv Delivery Center

    Waste Less, Achieve More

    Intersog is more than just a vendor; we are your partner who truly cares for your success. We are a leading provider of custom mobile application development services USA, and our goal is to save your resources while giving you maximum value and return on investment.


    It takes us just a couple of days to help you hire an entire team of highly skilled mobile developers, so you don’t have to waste months of time hiring developers one by one yourself. Intersog is a global talent powerhouse and we have all the people you might need to build a perfect mobile app that satisfies all of your needs. We do not waste time and deliver tangible results faster than you’d think. We surpass expectations and deliver real success fast.


    Intersog can help you save up to 30% on the total project cost. Just imagine having to spend months of time and tens of thousands of dollars hiring people one by one. You can avoid all of that by contacting Intersog – we will get your team ready ASAP at a much smaller price. More so, our developers charge reasonable hourly rates, which allows you to save more money. Pair that with an efficient development process, and you’ll get your app fast and cheap.

    Unrivaled Expertise

    We do not just do our job faster; we do it better. We put quality above all else and deliver solutions that exceed expectations and set new standards. We want you to enjoy the results of our work and gain the desired profit out of it. Intersog developers do their best job to deliver the perfect product you are going to love. Our genuine desire is to help you achieve your goals, achieve measurable success, and make you feel great about the solutions we develop.

    Why Hire Remote Mobile Developers?

    • You have no mobile developers on your team
    • You need senior developers to lead your project
    • You want to save a considerable portion of the budget
    • You need things done fast and with real care

    Let’s discuss your project

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    Real Care and Human Values

    The difference between Intersog and other mobile app development firms in the United States is that Intersog genuinely cares for your IT project. We are more than just a vendor; we are a reliable partner you can trust and deliver measurable results to help your business grow and progress.

    Trust and Respect

    We base our partnership on respect and trust as the two pillars of effective cooperation. Intersog is a reliable partner with years of experience in the industry and we can handle your project with confidence, efficiency, and caution. Our goal here is to help you create and launch a beautiful mobile application that will eventually get you the profit you need.


    We believe in an honest approach to partnership and guarantee complete transparency throughout our cooperation. Intersog is your reliable partner who works towards the same goals as you do and we do not cover anything up. You’ll know exactly what we do and how we do it, so you do not have to worry about anything, and we’ll share our knowledge and skill.

    Genuine Care

    What really makes us a unique partner for your project is our genuine care for your product. We want your application to be truly awesome and we do our very best to ensure spectacular results. Intersog is here to give you the best people and deliver the best mobile development services, and with our help, you are sure to achieve your goals.

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