Dedicated Teams

Overcome the tech talent shortage and save your time and budget with Intersog’s dedicated teams and custom staffing solutions. Our experienced software engineers and IT recruiters will support your business innovation and development projects within the outlined tech strategy.
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Our Engagement Models

We are different from a traditional IT staffing agency: we live and breathe tech. We are an outsourcing company that speaks tech jargon, builds long-term projects, and connects you to the right talent to move your project forward.
Software Development

Full-cycle IT service

Intersog offers full-cycle tech consulting and team staffing services. We analyze your project requirements and provide a complete estimate with the timeline and costs. Leave us the pain of hiring and managing your dedicated software development team.
Software Development

Dedicated Teams Model

Need a dedicated team of developers for your next project? No problem! We will find and hire the right candidates in just a few days. We offer location flexibility, modern office facilities for the team, and only one bill for the hours (time-and-materials contract) spent on your project.
Software Development

Custom Staffing

We help you find the best IT professionals with unique skills to match your project and bring it to life. We handle all your special staffing needs, from talent search to onboarding, and offer you flexible full- and part-time rates and offsite/onsite options.

Intersog provides flexible, location-based workforce solutions

Hire a dedicated software team at your location or at Intersog’s delivery centers in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Hire a dedicated team

Our Tech Expertise

No matter how big or small your development challange is, Intersog offers you top tech talent skilled in any kind of software development and programming language.

  • Front-end Programmers
  • System Architects
  • Mobile iOS/Android Developers
  • Back-end and System Programmers
  • DevOps Engineers and Administrators
  • Java, Python, JS, PHP, Database Developers
  • Full-stack Developers
  • QA Engineers
  • Product/Project Managers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Scrum and Agile Staff
  • AI & ML Programmers

Our Staff Search Model

We find candidates with the right background, education, time zone, communication skills, personality.

HR Vetting

Tech Lead (with the same skills) assesses the technical aptitude and seniority level of a candidate.

Technical Interview

HR and Account Managers match vetted candidates to the client's work and cultural context.

Cultural Match

We help onboard and integrate the new staff into your in-house team as if they were local full-time employees.

On-boarding & Integration

Monitor ongoing feedback from the client and track the project status to ensure the quality of custom staffing services provided.

Process Assessment

Our Payment Options

Your Payroll - Secure highly skilled developers and teams to your company's payroll and pay a one-time fee.

Our Payroll - Alleviate the hassle and overhead costs associated with the full-cycle custom IT hiring by working with talent on our payroll.

Know your staffing requirements? Use our Calculator to estimate the cost of your web development team.

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