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Why Intersog?

Whenever you need to hire remote developers, you spend weeks and months hunting and recruiting people. Hiring developers one by one, all from different platforms, is quite tiresome and not efficient whatsoever. Intersog offers you a vast talent pool to hire all the people you need fast and at a reasonable price.

Action-Ready Teams

Intersog helps you hire expert developers who are ready to jump straight to the action. We waste no time and give you the best experts fast.

Full-Cycle Development

Intersog gives more than just coders; we give you consulting experts, developers, QA specialists, and testers for a perfect product.

You Are in Charge

We give you a selection of top developers for hire, and you choose the ones you see fit by thoroughly assessing their skills and expertise.

Top-Shelf Quality

Hiring freelance developers might be risky in terms of quality. We guarantee superb quality backed by 15 years of experience.

Tech talent for any IT project

1300+ projects delivered by Intersog tech experts

Front/Back-end web

Mobile & IoT development

Desktop applications

Game development

Systems programming

Hire developers by specific skills:

250+ full-time programmers and engineers available for hire

    Kendo UI
    UX/UI designer
    Data scientist
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    Receive pre-qualified CVs within 5 business days.

    Here to Help

    Intersog has been delivering success to businesses across the continents and industries. We help hire developers for startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Headquartered in Chicago, Intersog offers access to one of the USA’s biggest and better IT talent pools, and thanks to our global presence, we can help you hire a team of developers regardless of your location.

    Success Stories We are Proud Of

    Intersog delivers success by helping businesses hire expert developers fast.

    CDW hired Intersog's app developers to build a B2B mobility solution for reps and clients

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    "It’s almost as perfect as I had imagined!" - Innlandet Hospital Trust. PhoneGap, HTML5, .NET developers

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    Fido Solutions Limited (FIDO) is a financial institution based in Accra, Ghana and licensed by Bank of Ghana

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    Convenient Recruitment Model

    When you hire offshore developers, you want to be sure of their proficiency. Intersog gives you a trackable record of expertise for each developer.

    Proven Expertise

    We give you a selection of our best experts depending on the specifications of your project, and you choose the ones that suit you better.

    It’s Your Call

    We help you hire a development team across continents, so you can count on the cultural matching between you and your developers.

    Matching Culture

    We waste no time and deliver tangible results in a matter of days. Intersog is your best partner for a project of any complexity.

    Fast Kickoff

    Apart from developers, we also give you our best QA experts who ensure the top-notch quality of the final product for the best result.

    Guaranteed Quality

    How We Do It​

    Project Specs Identification

    To hire a developer for a project, we need to know exactly what the project is all about. We analyze the project to find out which developers would fit its specs. We hire the exact people you’d need to get your project up and running fast and in the right direction.

    Team Recruitment

    We offer you a list of our best developers who fit your project pecs and let you interview them to evaluate their expertise. Of course, you can just trust our choice and let us compile the whole team for you – the choice is always yours.

    Immediate Kickoff

    Once the team is ready to roll, they get to work immediately. The time is money, and we waste none to deliver our IT expertise and help you reach your business objectives and achieve digital transformation fast.

    Achieve More with Your Best Partner

    Intersog does not just hire a development team to get you a functional code; we offer a strong partnership that aids your digital transformation. We consult, develop, test, and maintain top-quality digital solutions that bring measurable value to businesses worldwide.


    We consult you on the best digital solutions that meet your business objectives and give your company the edge over competitors. We use cheap open source solutions when possible to save money and achieve spectacular results but we never go cheap on the quality of the product we deliver. Quality is paramount to us and we do our best to give you the best.

    Development and QA

    Our senior developers guide the development process and deliver the product that matches your needs precisely. Our developers perform to the best of their ability to deliver a product that exceeds expectations on all levels. We test the product regularly to eliminate any possible bugs or errors and make sure the software runs perfectly.

    Support and Maintenance

    We do not leave you once the coding stage is over. We offer you our support and maintenance services for the long-term performance of the product. Intersog can give you either full-time or part-time support experts that will look over your application for as long as you need, respond to any possible issues, and implement all the possible improvements.

    Where You Can Hire Developers

    One of the main benefits of freelance platforms is that they allow you to hire really fast; just go there, select the freelance developers by their tech expertise and browse through dozens of CVs of experienced developers from all around the world. There are all sorts of people out there, so you can choose among many developers who can get things done for you really fast. Basically, all you need is to find the right person, contact them, discuss the conditions of your cooperation, and that’s it – you have yourself a developer.
    There are several freelance platforms out there, some of the most popular are Fiverr, 99designs, DesignCrowd, Guru, and Upwork, but there are many more that offer similar services. Usually, there are all sorts of experts on these platforms, including front-end and back-end developers, designers, content creators, and more.



    • Fast recruitment – you can hire almost immediately and get to work in a matter of days.
    • Perfect for individual developers – freelance platforms are great for hiring a single developer to augment your team or to perform simple tasks that do not require much effort.
    • Cost-efficiency – freelancers usually charge less than the market average, so you can find people who are ready to get things done cheaper than the average developer in your region.
    • No guarantees – freelancers can be rather unreliable, they are not bound by any obligations, and if you do not sign a specific contract with them, they can just leave you and your project whenever they want.
    • No real involvement – they do not care whether your product does well or not, they just do their job, get the money, and wave their goodbyes. They have no real interest in your success, just temporary cooperation for the money.
    • Inconsistent Quality – you may be lucky to find a real professional who does the job perfectly, but you can also find a rookie who has his way with words and has managed to pose for a professional. The quality might vary drastically here.
    That’s where you get most options and the best quality – IT outstaffing agencies offer lasting and strong partnership, reliable delivery, strong tech expertise, and superb quality. There are thousands upon thousands of these companies around the world but what sets Intersog apart is our genuine care, unparalleled tech expertise, 15 years of industry expertise, and a global presence. With Intersog, all you need is to contact our consulting experts and we’ll get things going for you from thereon.



    • Consistent quality – if you partner with a reliable vendor like Intersog, you can be sure of the product’s quality. We deliver top-notch solutions across industries and guarantee results that surpass expectations.
    • Fast recruitment – here at Intersog, we can help you hire developers from all around the globe, onshore, nearshore, and offshore, in a matter of weeks.
    • Reliable partnership – once all the agreements are signed up, you can be sure we are going to take that project to the market launch and support your product throughout its lifecycle.
    • Cost-Efficiency – outsourcing your project is a cost-efficient solution as it saves you lots of time. Additionally, outsource developers usually charge less than in-house developers. Besides, you won’t be paying any team maintenance costs, sick leaves, days off, and whatnot.
    • Perfect for medium and large teams – when you need to hire several developers or a large team of developers fast, you can rely on agencies like Intersog to give you the industry’s best talents fast.
    • Offshoring might be tricky – offshoring is an outstaffing model in which you outsource your project to developers overseas, which may result in inconsistent communication and poor quality.
    • High competition – there are many outsourcing companies out there, which might make it difficult for the client to make the right choice.
    There are many popular jobs posting websites like Indeed, Google for Jobs, Craigslist, and even Facebook. There, you can find all sorts of professionals in your industry, see their CVs, portfolios, and find references to their previous jobs. There, you can find people for constant in-house or remote employment. You can also post your job offers to expand your outreach and attract potential candidates.



    • Transparent choices – you know who you are hiring just by looking at their CVs. Your recruiters can talk directly to the candidates.
    • Huge selection of talents – you can find a lot of people matching your requirements on these websites.
    • Live communication – you can talk to each candidate personally, conduct interviews, and test their skills before you hire.
    • Long recruitment – your recruiters will have to go through hundreds of CVs selecting people who match your expectations.
    • Unreliability – whenever you post a job offer on such websites, you have no guarantees you’ll actually find the right people.
    Professional networking platforms like LinkedIn are rather popular these days and they can be quite lucrative when searching for the right people. There are millions of people registered on similar platforms and you can hire from all over the world as well as from your local talent pool. Your recruiters can just go there, select the expertise and industry, and sort through hundreds of people who match your search criteria. Of course, some of these professionals might already be employed by other companies, in which case you would have to simply buy people with higher wages.



    • Transparent search – you can see and evaluate people’s experience by their previous jobs and CVs.
    • Huge selection – there are many people out there who might fit your criteria and be interested in working for you.
    • Communication – you can talk directly to people, discuss your requirements, see what they want from the potential employer, and so on.
    • Beating the wage – as said, many people might be employed already, so you will have to offer a higher wage to buy them out. Similarly, someone else might come by and buy your people out.
    • Long recruitment – similarly to job posting sites, it might take months upon months to hire an entire team of professionals to fit your team.
    • Price competition – people there already know what they can be paid, so they would not settle for the lesser wage.


    How should you hire the best developers?
    What you need to pay attention to is the experience and expertise of the developers. For how many years have they been in the industry? What tech stack do they offer? It is always a good idea to stick with developers who have been doing their job for years and have an excellent portfolio. The fastest and easiest way to do that is to contact a professional software development company and simply tell them how many developers you need. Here at Intersog, we help you gather a team of the industry’s best developers in a matter of weeks.
    ​How much does it cost to hire a freelance software developer?
    It depends on the expertise level, tech stack, and rating. Freelance platforms have rating systems, so the highest-rated developers usually charge the highest. If you go to platforms like Fiverr, you’ll see hourly rates ranging from $10 per hour for the least experienced freelancers and up to hundreds of dollars per hour for the highest-ranked full-stack developers.
    ​What are the best places to hire developers?
    The best idea is to partner with a professional software development company. From our own experience at Intersog, we know that a professional software development company can deliver spectacular results, help you hire people fast, develop superb software solutions, and maintain a strong partnership throughout the product’s lifecycle.

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      Intersog develops a robust online supply chain solution for Mitsubishi Motors that embraces the whole logistics process from

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      Digital marketing and prospecting tool custom-built using Objective-C, LAMP based CMS and Omniture SiteCatalyst analytics.

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      A face-to-face video medicine app that connects doctors and patients for online consultation. Technologies Java, React, Objective-C.

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