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6 Software Development Issues and Challenges

Developing software is not a cakewalk, especially in today’s volatile and ever-changing markets, and it can get surprisingly challenging to deliver a truly valuable product...

5 Key Success Factors in Software Development Projects

Completing your software development project within the time and budget you’ve set beforehand is a challenging task, and according to the report by Standish Group, around 31.1%...

Audit of Outsourced Software Development: 7 Steps

Running an audit on your outsourcing strategy is a complex process designed to ensure the success of software development projects by locating weaknesses, opportunities, and...

How to Implement Agile Software Development: The Complete Checklist

An agile workflow is a type of development process that puts an emphasis on speed and short-term milestones over long-term planning. Basically, what you do is divide your work...

Chip-to-Cloud: The Next Billion-Dollar Technology

Hitachi has recently acquired GlobalLogic in a $9.6 billion megadeal. With GlobalLogic’s projected revenue for 2021 exceeding $1 billion, 20,000 employees worldwide, and an...

Ignition + MQTT = IT/OT Convergence

Envision a centralized hub sitting between all your enterprise systems that converges and delivers data in such a way that only those who need particular “atoms” of data can...

IIoT – The New Skin of SCADA

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a classic concept with a new spin. SCADA is essentially IIoT and has been for decades. The oil and gas industry (and others) have been...