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Chip-to-Cloud: The Next Billion-Dollar Technology

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Ignition + MQTT = IT/OT Convergence

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IIoT – The New Skin of SCADA

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IT Insourcing VS Outsourcing: Which Model to Choose

IT Strategy
PHP vs Java for Web Development: Which One to Choose in 2021

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Software Developer?

Software engineers are an integral part of every industry. Due to the digital transformation in every field, the incorporation of developers to every sector is vital. However, it...

Why Do US Companies Hire Ukrainian Developers?

Think of one place where tech is not in demand. And no, the wilderness does not count. We are not living through the 1600s. It is the year 2020, and tech is the need of this...

When IT Staff Augmentation Matters to Your Tech Strategy

Got a supremely fantastic idea? Great, so do millions of other people around the world.  For business success, planning is crucial. Doing that will separate those who...

Why Do Companies Outsource IT Services: 8 Advantages

To outsource, or not to outsource, that is the question. (With apologies to William Shakespeare.) Basically, those professionals maintain what is arguably the most important...

Is a Progressive Web App the Future of Multi-Platform Mobile Development?

Do you know how much time a typical American spends on their mobile phone? On average, Americans spend 5 hours a day on their mobile phones. Because this trend of mobile devices...

Top 3 IoT and Security Trends for 2020

Nowadays due to the advance in technology, most of us are taking advantage of the latest IoT applications as well as using the power of artificial intelligence to easily perform...

WFH Security Tips for Remote Workers

It’s 7 am. Time to fill up the travel mug with extra strong coffee and brace yourself for the long, aggravating,  and irritating morning commute…. to the kitchen...