Computer Discount Warehouse


Client Goal

CDW is a leading provider of technology products and services for businesses, government and education. Following the recent launch of customer-facing mobile apps, CDW added a B2B mobility solution for their internal and external sales representatives to improve their client service activities.

The number one goal is to allow CDW’s sales staff to have easy access to client data without having to stay at their desks. This way, the sales people have greater flexibility and mobility. The initial scope includes the primary functions that are most commonly needed between sales reps and clients.

Additional requirements will be evaluated and a phased approach will be defined to add desired (most common use cases) functionality. CDW also had IT resources available for the project, so they wanted to augment their existing team with app developement, testing and UX / UI Design talent provided by Intersog. The app was initially deployed as a soft launch (limited audience) which was evaluated for feedback before the app became available to the entire sales staff.


HTML5, HTML, Java script, CSS, PHP, Trello


The main benefit of the app is providing secured mobile web content with high accessibility and availability. The collaborative team construct between CDW and Intersog has improved the project timeline and delivery schedule. The hybrid HTML5 platform enables usage with the market’s myriad of smartphone devices. The soft launch allows for real world testing and user reviews so any important adjustments could be incorporated before a wider release.

As the future phases of SPS Lite become defined, CDW will look for ways to bring positive business impact with mobility services that enhance its internal operations as well as the consumer-facing sides.


The app features include user login, to identify the sales rep and generate proper client list. Once the user has logged-in and gained access to their client list, they can drill into the results list to find specific contacts, orders or quotes. Any of which can be selected to find detailed information of each result. The read-only data available in the mobile app is utilized to facilitate client requests, while allowing the rep to be more mobile.

The client record phone numbers and addresses become hotlinks to access phone or map features on the device. The mobile app allows sales reps to look at their own orders/quotes or choose a different rep as a filter. This facilitates being able to share duties and keep customer service response the top priority.