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Get the support you need, when you need it the most. Intersog will help you effectively maintain, update or support your applications, systems, and data sources with ease.

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Why Intersog?

Intersog has been providing custom software development services to clients across continents and industries for over 15 years, and we use our vast experience to offer you top-notch hardware and software maintenance services.

Versatile Services

We support solutions we develop ourselves as well as third-party software to ensure its flawless functioning.

Vast Talent Pool

We leverage our talent pool of 250+ developers worldwide to deliver success wherever and whenever you need it.

Fast Result

We waste no time hiring the best developers to get your system going smoothly and deliver visible results fast.

Outstanding Quality

We employ a test-driven approach to everything we do and leave nothing to chance to ensure the best results.

How We Can Help

Third-Party Support
Reliable Maintenance
Fast Recruitment

Third-Party Support

Our mature practices for supporting 3rd-party solutions help us identify possible areas for improvement and give you the exact set of solutions needed to make the necessary improvements. We do not create problems where there are none; we thoroughly analyze your existing ecosystem and find out whether there are any efficiency bottlenecks and flaws that need fixing. If you already know what needs fixing, we identify the most efficient ways to do that and achieve the required results.


Reliable Maintenance

Apart from supporting third-party solutions, we offer maintenance services for the software we ourselves develop for you. If you are already are our client or want to partner with us to get custom software, we offer software support and maintenance services to keep your IT ecosystem going smoothly. Even the very best software needs some improvements and new features added to it as time goes by, and we will be here for you whenever you need any.

Safety and Security


We analyze your ecosystem and business practices, compare them to the competition and find out exactly what needs fixing to achieve positive changes within your organization. Being a custom development and software maintenance company, we have the experience and knowledge needed to address any of the possible issues most companies face. We analyze your unique case and offer a unique set of solutions that suits your needs.

Simple Deployment

Fast Recruitment

If anything goes wrong with your software, you will surely need to act fast, and we will help you with that. We can get you an entire support and maintenance team in a matter of days. We operate a vast tech stack so that we can guarantee you access to the world’s best developers and software maintenance experts who will get things on the right track in a heartbeat. Getting your system back on its feet fast is the core objective here, and we make sure you get the results you need ASAP.

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Our Expertise and Related Services

Business and System Analytics
Relevant Solutions
Software Development
​QA Automation
Support and Maintenance
​Managed Services

Business and System Analytics

Intersog is a rather versatile partner for your business that offers a wide variety of services including consulting, custom software development, system maintenance, and of course, analytics. Our team of experienced business and system analysts employs an array of analytical tools and techniques that allow us to cater to your needs with laser precision. Our services will help you identify possible efficiency bottlenecks and overcome the challenges you are facing right now.

Relevant Solutions

If you currently deal with any difficulties related to the functioning of your organization, chances are, you need some improvements in your current IT ecosystem. With our expertise and strong knowledge base, we can deliver the right set of solutions that suit your needs and get you to the point where you can increase the efficiency of your ecosystem fast and without redundant spending.

Software Development

First and foremost, Intersog is known for the outstanding quality of software our developers provide for clients around the world. We do not just provide software maintenance support services, we develop software that disrupts industries and takes the businesses on the new leap on their digital transformation journey. We leverage the capabilities of all the modern programming frameworks and languages to create unique solutions that help you achieve success and improve the functioning of your business fast.

QA Automation

Quality Assurance is critical for the continuous functioning of your IT ecosystem, which is why we include it as a part of our software application maintenance services. Our QA experts use automated and manual testing to make sure your solutions function flawlessly, and thanks to the capabilities of AI, they can identify possible flaws in your system faster and easier. This is an important part of making the necessary adjustments to improve your organization’s functioning, and we pay a fair share of attention to testing your solutions and ensuring their quality.

Support and Maintenance

Once we finish the development of the software and test it to ensure quality, we enter the support and maintenance stage of our cooperation. This is a more passive stage, though, as we only act in response to the possible issues or your new needs. Basically, if the software functions properly, we can all just kick back and run tests once in a while to help predict and prevent any implications. In case we identify any problem areas or you need any improvements to your existing solutions, we will be ready to step right in and do what needs to be done. Not only do we support our own solutions, but we also offer open source software support services, so you can count on us under any circumstances.

Managed Services

You don’t need to put any significant effort into the development process, we will take care of everything. You have the idea and we have everything else you would need to turn that idea into a fully functional solution that brings value to your organization. We take your project from the ideation stage and take it up to the final delivery stage. We alleviate your headache allowing you to focus on other important matters while we take care of that software and ensure its flawless functioning.

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The Benefits of Partnership with Intersog

Intersog is your new reliable partner on the path to digital transformation and we offer a wide range of perks that will surely benefit your business both short and long term. We are here to become a strong and reliable partner for your business, and we have just the right set of tools and expertise to prove our value.

Real Human Values

Professionalism is not the only factor defining the quality of our services. We put a strong emphasis on giving you a true human touch and real cooperation with your development team. Our developers are genuinely passionate about innovation and creating unique software that brings value to people around the world. We guarantee honest and transparent cooperation delivering tangible results fast and at a reasonable cost.

Superb Quality

Building a real synergy between our businesses, we guarantee the superb quality of the services we provide. We put respect to our craft at the forefront and create solutions that are truly worth your time and investment. Quality, respect, passion, and real care are the cornerstones of our professionalism and the partnership we offer. With Intersog, you can be sure of the positive results and changes that would greatly benefit your business.


Honesty is paramount for building strong and lasting relationships between businesses and people. We assess your IT infrastructure and give you an honest opinion on whether you need any improvements and offer the most efficient ways to achieve the results you need. We give you a full picture of the project, offer fair pricing, and inform you of challenges that might influence the proper functioning of your IT infrastructure.

Support and Maintenance Strategy

Requirement Gathering

To give you exactly what you need, first, we gather your requirements and make sure we understand exactly what you need. Most likely, you already have a general idea of what you want or you’ve already encountered certain issues in the functioning of your third-party solution, and at this point, you need a partner who can get things done for you fast and without a redundant mess. Just give us a description of what you are dealing with or tell us what needs fixing and we will get straight to it.

Risk Identification

To start our work up right, we need to identify the technical specifications of your current ecosystem and find out which solutions might be useful for dealing with your current situation. We also identify possible risks associated with reworking your existing ecosystem. Our experts run tests to identify all the potential threats to the integrity of your organization’s functioning and suggest a set of tools that can be used throughout the development and maintenance process.

Maintenance Works

After all is set and we know what needs to be done to achieve the results you need, we start to develop the actual solution. We offer desktop and mobile app maintenance services to give you a broad range of options. Thanks to our laser precision, we make all the required patches fast without interrupting the functioning of your organization.

Testing and Support

Once the maintenance works are done and your IT ecosystem is back on the right track, we test everything just to be on the safe side. Our QA experts will run automated and manual tests, and after that is done, we will stay around to support your entire IT ecosystem or a particular application throughout its life cycle.

Technologies We Use

Intersog leverages its vast tech stack to deliver outstanding result on every project across industries.






MEAN Stack

LAMP Stack








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    Global Talent Pool for Your Success

    Intersog is based in Chicago, USA, providing its services across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

    Efficiency and Quality

    Intersog offers you a combination of efficiency and outstanding quality, which means we do our job faster than most while giving you extraordinary results and a good bang for your buck. We are here to help you achieve your goals with maximum efficiency.


    Hiring a team of developers on your own is an exhausting and time-consuming process that might take you months upon months to accomplish. This is especially true when you are trying to hire the industry’s very best people. That is why it is much more reasonable to just outsource your project to a custom development company that already has all the people in place, ready to jump straight to action and deliver success when you need it most.


    We do not only cut your development timeline, but we can also help you save up to 40% on the project’s total cost. Instead of hiring each developer individually and negotiate the wages with each of them, you can hire a whole team at a reasonable hourly rate right on the spot. More so, remote developers usually charge less than in-house developers while being as good at doing their job if not better. We are here to deliver results without exhausting your budget.

    Remarkable Performance

    Intersog has been delivering great results to clients worldwide for over 15 years, and with that experience, we know exactly what to do and how to do it to give you the results you expect to see. We do not waste a moment of your time and get straight to the business to make sure you are fully satisfied with the quality of the product we provide and offer superb maintenance services to complement the functioning of your business in the long run.

    Maintenance Services

    Whether you need to scale up or scale down, complete a full-service upgrade or tweak your hosting preferences, we can help you do it, while ensuring the same high-level of performance and user experience that you've come to rely on.

    Life after implementation

    Maintenance & Support

    Keep your software and platforms running smoothly, so you and your clients can enjoy seamless interaction and service.

    Cloud Hosting

    Improve business agility and reduce operational costs with our managed cloud services. Our hosting solutions will help you share and exchange data with absolute security and flexibility.

    Security Audit

    Our IT security experts will review the code and software architecture to detect vulnerabilities and address the most critical weaknesses to protect your business and ensure compliance.

    DevOps as a Service

    Our DevOps engineers will analyze your IT processes and software infrastructure and implement robust DevOps solutions to help you optimize operations, the delivery, and avoid IT issues.

    Support In Action

    Intersog offers an array of support services catered to your business needs.

    • Database Management
    • Beta Website Support
    • Application Customization
    • Software Audits
    • Performance Optimization

    • Backup and Recovery
    • Scheduled Updates
    • Online Help/Support
    • Systems Monitoring
    • Hosting Solutions

    Tell Us About Your Project

    Our representative will contact you within 24 hours
    to discuss your project requirements.

      I give my consent to Intersog to process and retain my personal data as set out in the retention section of the Privacy Policy.