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Looking to hire Node.JS developers in the USA? Intersog, a Node.JS application development company, is here to help. Recruit an entire team of senior developers now and set your project on track fast!
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Intersog is a software development service provider headquartered in Chicago, USA, offering you unparalleled expertise, a fast recruitment process, and access to the global talent pool of certified Node.JS developers.

Global Outreach

Intersog has operational centers across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East allowing us to work in almost all the time zones reducing the communication gap.

Fast Recruitment

Once you contact us describing your project specs, it takes several days before your team is ready for action and is fully set to deliver visible results.

You Are in Charge

You make the final call when choosing people for your project. We give you a pool of the best developers and you select the ones you like on your team.

Top-Notch Quality

We employ a test-driven approach ensuring quality at each step of the development process. Our QA specialists are yours to provide reliable software.

What is Node.JS?

Node.JS is an open-source JavaScript-based backend runtime system that allows the developers to use JavaScript for service-side scripting and writing command-line tools. It is valuable in producing the content of the dynamic web pages before the page itself is sent to the user’s browser. As a part of the JavaScript paradigm, Node.JS plays an important role in unifying web app development under the umbrella of a single programming language, which makes the whole process of web development much more consistent.

The Perks of Node.JS

JavaScript Heritage
Strong Data Processing
Controlled Flow
JavaScript Heritage

JavaScript Heritage

JavaScript is the most popular programing language right now, it has countless tools and a lively community. Node.JS inherited the perks of JavaScript, so you can count on fast performance, fluent data processing, readable, reusable, easily maintainable code, and a vast library of free tools. It is also a component of the MEAN stack, which has everything you need to build a quality web application.



Node.JS has a limitless capacity for scalability; the developers can run multiple nodes, allowing the environment to automatically balance the workload not loading the CPU cores too much, which is crucial for the performance of the web app. You can also expand the functionality of your application at any time. This is perfect for advancing your app over the years and adding new features to it to meet your business needs.

Strong Data Processing

Strong Data Processing

As a runtime system, Node.JS has to process thousands of requests simultaneously, and it handles the data with spectacular efficiency. It adopts an asynchronous structure allowing the processes to run simultaneously without blocking each other. It also uses an event-based model meaning that the app reacts to the user’s input without useless background operations and promptly reacts to the web app users’ needs.

Controlled Flow

Controlled Flow

When it comes to asynchronous structures, whenever any function is executed, the system gives a callback, and as more and more functions get piled up, you’ll end up in so-called callback hell. Node.JS, though, offers frameworks that map the functions and sort out the callbacks automatically. This prevents the piling of the callbacks eliminating performance lags.

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Intersog Drives Your Digital Transformation

15 years of experience and the world's best developers are now yours.
Developing an Email-First AI Virtual Assistant Using GPT-3 and a Custom NLP Model
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SAM Learning is a well-recognized British company providing online learning and examination services to thousands of schools and colleges worldwide
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Intersog delivered an enterprise mobility solution for CDW, a Fortune 500 provider of tech products and services
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Our client is an American ed-tech startup providing online education services
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Intersog developed a Discount Keeper application that allows users to save money while buying stuff
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Hire the Best Node.JS Development Team Fast

When dealing with freelance developers, you can’t be sure of their expertise. With Intersog, you hire certified senior developers only.

Proven Expertise

We give you our best developers' CVs immediately, and once you interview them to assess their skills, they are all set to work on your project.

Fast and Simple

Our global presence allows you to select people who you feel would match your corporate culture and vision best – you are in charge.

Cultural Attunement

Our teams work both on-site and off-site, they can run the entire project on their own or augment your in-house team sharing their knowledge and skills.

Team Deployment

We monitor the progress and collect your feedback to optimize and improve the performance of the team ensuring a top-quality result.

Quality Assessment

Build Dynamic Web Applications

API Integration and Development
Chatbot Development​
E-commerce Solutions
Data Analytics
Node.JS Pug-Ins

API Integration and Development

Intersog developers design and build customized APIs that can be integrated into your existing ecosystem. If you want to hire Node.JS development company, Intersog guarantees seamless development integration of the new API to boost up the overall efficiency of your ecosystem. We create advanced web apps that run on any platform including iOS and Android.

Chatbot Development

Node.JS allows you to take your customer service to another level with chatbots developed by Intersog. We create custom chatbots using Node.JS and natural language learning to make sure your cooperation with the customers does not only save your time but also feels natural to them. Our developers give their utmost to develop chatbots that deliver an exceptional customer experience and value to you and your clients.

E-commerce Solutions

Intersog delivers reliable e-commerce web applications. Reaction Commerce framework allows for building scalable and flexible solutions. The modular codebase allows for high customization of the solutions, so we can deliver a web app that fits your needs precisely and corresponds to your business objectives. A great thing about Node.JS e-commerce solutions is that everything can be extended, changed, and scaled up as much as you need. It also enables real-time data tracking for making more informed business decisions.

Data Analytics

Node.JS processes immense amounts of data simultaneously, and it does that with incredible efficiency. This allows the developers to gather that information and analyze it to gain insight into the behavior of the users and their preferences. We can leverage Node.JS to help you collect the information on the behavior of your web app users to make informed decisions and improve the functioning of your platform.

Node.JS Pug-Ins

We enhance the performance of your web application with custom plugins. There’s always room for improvement, and if you need quality work done on your current app, Intersog can deliver rapid and laser-focused improvements. Being a top Node.JS development company in the USA, we guarantee measurable growth fast.

Custom Web Development

Intersog provides custom outsource Node.JS development services to clients worldwide. We excel at helping you achieve your digital transformation goals and improve the functioning of your firm via professional web app development. We develop robust and flexible web applications tailored to your needs and serving your business objectives.

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A Seasoned Development Process

Over the years, we’ve developed a strong full-cycle cooperation model that suits most clients. Intersog is the outsource Node.JS development company that will get your project from the ideation stage and all the way up to the functional product.

Consulting and Design

We begin with analyzing your specs, designing, and mapping out the whole development process to meet your objectives fast and with precision.

Development and Testing

We deploy our most experienced developers and QA specialists to ensure quality at each stage of development and roll out the best product.

Product Delivery

We deploy the final product and continue running our tests. You will then evaluate it and see whether it needs any improvements or changes.

Support and Maintenance

We do not just code, we provide a continuous partnership to support and maintain the product throughout its lifecycle improving it when needed.

Fullstack Software Development Company

Intersog is much more than a Node.JS development agency; we offer a number of benefits and services that are sure to not just get your project running but also boost your business success. We leverage our expertise to give you a digital transformation edge and achieve tangible results.

Vast Experience

Intersog houses hundreds of experienced developers, and with the company’s 15 years in the industry, we can say confidently that our specialists are prepared to handle any project. We offer the industry’s best people and promise a top-notch performance at all stages of your project. At a reasonable hourly rate, you’ll get an entire team of true professionals fast and headache-free.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Hiring an entirely remote team is much cheaper than going through the recruitment process on your own. You don’t have to spend months hunting each individual developer, run assessments, onboard and train them; instead, you can just get the CVs of certified professionals, choose the ones you like, interview them if you wish, and you are all set. It can save you up to 40% on the total project cost.

Immediate Kickoff

We do not waste any time tiptoeing around, we get the job done. We are ready for work once you’ve chosen the people you like on your team. From that point on, the work begins. The time is money, and we do everything we can to save you both. We deliver positive and precise impact when and where you need it, so you can count on Intersog developers for the Node.JS project of any complexity.

Why Outsourcing Your Node.JS Project is the Right Choice?

There might be several reasons as to why you might need to hire outsource developers:

  • You don’t have Node.JS developers in-house
  • You need to start your project right now
  • You want to save time and up to 40% project cost
  • You need to augment your team with seniors

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Five R&D Centers

Headquartered in Chicago, Intersog offers a global talent outreach to give your the world's best Node.JS developers.

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    Ride the Technology Wave with Intersog

    Intersog gives you 15 years of experience and access to the global talent pool to bring your most ambitious plans to fruition. We develop mobile, desktop, and web apps as well as a wide range of software solutions to benefit your business.

    Transparent Approach

    We believe in honest cooperation between the partners, and we promise you that. We communicate with our customers on a regular basis, share our knowledge and insights, and do our best to truly help you grow. Our services do not limit to Node.JS, we leverage a wide range of technologies and cloud solutions that will prove invaluable for any project.

    Trustworthy Teams

    When you hire a team of Node.JS developers at Intersog, you get a powerful engine to propel your project and the whole business. We offer you experience and strong cooperation delivering solutions you need fast and with minimum waste. Our teams consist of certified and highly experienced developers who will deliver the desired Node.JS solutions with confidence and precision.


    Most companies just code, Intersog delivers success. We offer you a set of after-project services that include product support and maintenance so that we could upgrade your website or app whenever you need it updating the code to improve the UI and UX. Intersog is a reliable long-term partner you can trust, and we offer more than just a product, we offer our friendship and lasting partnership.

    Get on Top with the World’s Best Developers

    Intersog guarantees robust and agile Node.JS solutions that bring value to your business fast.

    Identifying Key Factors

    We identify your business objectives and other specs to deliver the product that suits your unique needs and benefits your unique business.

    Cost-Efficiency in Mind

    We work at reasonable price-tags and guarantee an efficient development cycle saving you both time and money.

    Tech World’s Best

    Intersog is a tech talent powerhouse with more than 250 developers around the world. These guys can get your project up right now.

    Our Clients’ Success

    Intersog has been working with hundreds of clients over the years, and their success truly inspires.

    Intersog develops a robust online supply chain solution for Mitsubishi Motors that embraces the whole logistics process from

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    Digital marketing and prospecting tool custom-built using Objective-C, LAMP based CMS and Omniture SiteCatalyst analytics.

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    A face-to-face video medicine app that connects doctors and patients for online consultation. Technologies Java, React, Objective-C.

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