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Perks of Android Apps

Android devices are extremely popular worldwide and as of 2021, Android takes up to 72% of the global mobile market share. This is a large piece of the pie, and if you manage to give your customers an outstanding product, you can surely get a good bite on it. Being the world’s most popular operating system for mobile devices means that the competition here is fierce, and your app will have to be better than whatever your competitors offer. That is why you would need the best Android app development services, and Intersog is up to the task.

Why Intersog?

Intersog has been delivering top-quality software solutions for clients across industries and countries. We are a top Android app development company in Chicago and we can guarantee success working on projects of any complexity. Apart from top-notch custom Android app development services, you will get:

Dedicated Teams

You do not need to spend months of your time looking for and hiring developers. We have you covered and give you the people you need.

Fast Recruitment

We have a talent pool of 250+ developers across the globe to help you hire professional teams of developers in a matter of weeks.

Team Augmentation

If you don’t have enough people on your team, we can help you integrate new talents that would complement your organization.

Outstanding Quality

We guarantee the superb quality of the applications we develop. Our team of QA experts will run tests to locate and fix potential issues.

Android Apps We Develop

Mobile Apps
Video Games
Tablet Apps
Android Wear Apps

Mobile Apps

Our developers offer professional mobile application development services based on years of experience. We’ve been working on developing Android apps across industries like eCommerce, automation, video gaming, healthcare, and more, and we have the knowledge and skills to get your business to a new level. We develop native applications for different businesses and different goals, and we give you just the right set of solutions to make sure your business stays on the spearhead of innovation.


Video Games

We’ve been working in game development for quite some time now taking part in developing amazing games for mobile devices. Mobile gaming is growing huge and currently rivals the popularity and profits of the console and PC gaming industry. This is a highly lucrative venue, and if you plan on developing a mobile game, Intersog is your best partner for the job. We design incredible game worlds and themes for video games and implement our designs to create an outstanding experience for the players worldwide. If you need to hire Android app developer in the USA to get your game going, Intersog is your best partner.

Safety and Security

Tablet Apps

Android is a popular operating system powering different types of mobile devices, tablets included. Tablets and smartphones are not the same, which is why tablet applications need to be adapted to the specifications of these devices. Another challenge here is that there are countless types of devices running on Android, which means that your app has to be optimized to run smoothly on each of those devices. We can help you with that and make sure your app runs perfectly on each type of tablet you are planning to target.

Simple Deployment

Android Wear Apps

Wearable devices are becoming increasingly popular, and you might want to capitalize on that market. Wearables become more advanced and their functionality expands rapidly, and Intersog experts stay on the spearhead of innovation delivering superb solutions for wearable devices. Our applications help you connect wearables with other devices such as smartphones or tablets for better usability.

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Success Stories We Are Proud Of

We deliver incredible solutions across industries and help our clients get to a new leap on their digital transformation journey.
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Find and Hire Best Android Developers

Intersog only works with the world’s best developers to guarantee success on each project, so you can hire people with a proven record of expertise.

Real Experts

With our massive global talent pool, we can get you any number of developers you need within just a couple of weeks.

Fast Recruitment

Thanks to our global presence, we can get you people who match your values and fit your existing team perfectly.

Matching Your Culture

We integrate our team into your organization fast and seamlessly ensuring effective communication and real partnership.


We test the application throughout the development process to find and eliminate potential issues and frictions.

Quality Assurance

Wide Range of Services for Your Success

Whenever you hire Android app development company, in most cases what you get is just a code. With Intersog, you get a full range of services to get your project from the ideation stage and up to the market-ready product.

Requirement Gathering

It is quite challenging to develop an application without knowing what it is going to be like in the end. That is why we start by gathering your requirements and formulating a clear vision for the future application. We figure out the timeline and cost of development as well as the number of developers to outsource different tasks to. We create a roadmap and design a mockup so that you would see where we are going with the project and what results to expect.

Development and Testing

In most cases, we use an agile approach, which means that everything can be later modified and adapted to your needs. We move from one milestone to another and deliver tangible results that get us closer to the final objective. Our QA experts would run frequent tests to make sure the app runs smoothly and that all the bugs are fixed in a timely manner. That way we can guarantee a perfect product that would surely satisfy your needs and the needs.

Support and Maintenance

We do not just leave you once the development is done; we maintain our partnership for as long as you need to maintain the proper functioning of your application and update it once the need arrives. We are a full-cycle development agency, and unlike freelance developers, we shoot for a long-term partnership. Our goal is to instill lasting solutions and long-term success to drive innovations that boost your organization's grwoth and profit for years to come.

Advantages of Android Apps

Huge Market Share
Cost-Efficient Development
Broad Audience
Wide Selection of Devices
Ready Marketplace

Huge Market Share

With three-quarters of the global mobile market share, Android is a dominant operating system that beats all of its competitors by a huge cap. The main reason why Android is such a dominant force is that it is simple and affordable yet at the same time reliable and rather intuitive for the users. While its main competitor – Apple, uses its app store to target more high-end customers who are more willing to spend money, Android targets ordinary folk, which makes it more popular than any other operating system. To get a piece of that pie, you need to come up with a truly outstanding product, and that is where Intersog can help you.

Cost-Efficient Development

Android offers a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) that gives developers a collection of tools that can be used as a single package or separately to fit the needs of a particular project. The best news is that many tools used for android development as well as most of the programming frameworks are actually free, so you do not have to pay for that. This allows you to cut at least some of that budget and get higher ROI in the long run.

Broad Audience

It is estimated that roughly 2.5 billion people across 190 countries use Android devices of all sorts. Now, this is a huge audience, and you can develop all sorts of applications to cover different needs. Intersog can help you will different types of applications, from video games to enterprise-specific applications. Depending on your needs, goals, and vision, you can tap into different markets and get a share of that huge Android audience. And thanks to the affordability and accessibility of Android apps, you can get more people to join your application than you would with other operating systems.

Wide Selection of Devices

Unlike iOS that runs on Apple-designed devices only, of which there are few, Android supports all sorts of devices released by numerous brands. Basically, you can strap Android OS to any device as well as any app developed on its basis and it will go smoothly. Of course, there might be some hiccups here and there as each app has to be customized for each particular device, but overall, you get access to a huge range of possibilities with this one. You can quickly customize your app for new and upcoming devices and implement innovative solutions to improve your application when needed.


It is important to know that your application and all the customer and enterprise data it stores are completely secure. Android applications are based on Linux, which is one of the most secure operating systems out there. This would guarantee a trouble-free performance and protection from malware. Android is known for its security as there hasn’t been a single platform crash or data leakage from any application over the years. So, in case of security is of major concern to you, Android is one of the better options to go with.

Ready Marketplace

Google Play Store is a rather convenient marketplace for you to monetize your app through. Google Play allows you to deploy your app within hours, so you do not need to worry about long and tiresome days of waiting until your application launches. You can even release alpha and beta versions of applications to Google Play to gather feedback and see what can be improved before you launch the final version of your app.

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Global Talent Pool for Your Project

Intersog is headquartered in Chicago, USA, with offices across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Real Values and Real Partnership

If you want to partner with an Android mobile app development company in the USA, you should be looking for a company that can guarantee reliable and trusty cooperation. Intersog is more than just a vendor, we are your new reliable partner, and we are here to achieve a common goal.

Genuine Care

The partnership is more than just contracts and meetings, it is a personal connection, trust, and cooperation between people. We base our partnership on real human values like trust, care, and desire to help. Naturally, business cooperation is meant to benefit all the parties, and we know how to extract maximum benefit for both of us. At the same time, we know that it is much more than fry numbers – it is also about knowing somebody has your back.

Focus on Quality

Professionalism in delivering software solutions is another cornerstone of a successful development project. We hire the industry’s best talents who can deliver spectacular results on the most complicated projects and run regular tests to make sure the code is flawless. The most important thing here is to make sure the software truly is flawless and ready for launch on all the target devices, which is especially critical for all kinds of Android devices.

Straight to Action

You no longer need to spend long months looking for the Android developers, negotiating the salaries, onboarding, and taking parts in all that hiring hustle. Intersog gives you action-ready dedicated teams of developers who’ll jump straight to the project and deliver tangible results fast. We do not waste any time and give you teams of real experts who can get your project going fast and smoothly in a matter of weeks to save both your budget and your time.

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