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Why Intersog?

Intersog has been delivering top-notch IT team augmentation services for more than 15 years. We offer you access to the world’s largest talent pool, and with staff augmentation being the cooperation model of choice for many businesses, Intersog gives you much more:

Global Talent Pool

Based in Chicago, USA, Intersog works across continents to help you reach out to the best IT talents.

Fast Kickoff

We do not waste time and deliver tangible results that match your expectations and give the exact people you need.

Strong Partnership

Intersog is much more than just a vendor, we are your new partner who augments your team with the best experts.

Superb Quality

With the help of our QA experts, we guarantee the superb quality of augmented IT solutions we develop for you.

What is Team Augmentation?

As your company grows you will eventually hit a point where you’d have to choose between extending your internal staff or delegating some of your projects to the offshore or nearshore development agency. The choice is to either hire an entire dedicated team or hire several developers to join and augment your existing in-house team. There’s no wrong choice here – you just need to choose an option that suits your unique situation.

Perks of Software Team Augmentation

Reduced Cost
Easy Administration


One of the major benefits of team augmentation is that you can increase or decrease the number of people on your team on demand. The companies that choose the use augmentation can decide when to employ more people and when to decrease the number of workers without all the administrative hustle. With Intersog, you can increase the number of people involved in the development process on demand.


Reduced Cost

IT augmentation services are generally cheaper than hiring a full dedicated team, mostly because you don’t need as many people and because you already have the core of the team that consists of your in-house employees. More so, you would not need to get through the whole recruitment process on your own – it’s on us. Naturally, the difference in the price would depend on a whole bunch of factors, but generally, it is a good way to save some money.

Safety and Security


Team augmentation usually takes less time than hiring a full team on your own or even getting a dedicated team from a third-party vendor. Intersog offers different models of cooperation, and team augmentation is the one that works best when you already have some people on board and need to strengthen the team really fast. This is the main reason why people turn to augmentation agencies in the first place, so you might want to consider this option.

Simple Deployment

Easy Administration

One of the main benefits here is that you don’t have to worry about all the administrative issues that come along with recruiting and maintaining a team of developers. Our IT consulting and staff augmentation services include full coverage of all the administrative issues such as payroll management, taxes, vacation, and sick leaves. You don’t need to worry about any of that with Intersog.

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    Fast and Simple Recruitment

    Intersog works with the best people in the industry to give you the best results. No rookies here – only the best and most experienced developers.

    Real Expertise

    We give you a selection of our best experts who match your project specs and you choose the ones who suit your team best.

    You Are in Charge

    When augmenting the team with outsourcing developers, it is essential to match the culture and values and guarantee synergy.

    Values and Culture

    We give you a team of the industry’s best developers who are ready to set your project in motion once you approve the team composition.

    Action Ready

    Our Quality Assurance team will run regular tests to guarantee the flawless functioning of the solutions we develop for you.


    Benefits of Team Augmentation at Intersog

    Hire On the Go
    Vast Talent Pool
    Competitive Edge​
    ​Adaptable Cooperation​
    ​Broad Skillset​

    Hire Fast and On the Go

    The main benefit of team augmentation is flexibility – with this cooperation model, you can scale your team up and down on-demand at any time. It might help you save tons of money, but most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to address the pressing needs of your organization with laser precision and lightning speed. You can hire people amidst the project development, reduce or increase your staff on a seasonal basis, and basically have full control over your project.

    Vast Talent Pool

    As mentioned, Intersog is based in Chicago with offices across the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe which gives us access to a vast talent pool and we only hire the best people to help drive digital transformation worldwide. Depending on your culture and values, we can help you hire developers from your part of the world, which will also eliminate the time gap and create a perfect synergy between the developers.

    Competitive Edge

    Gaining a competitive advantage is not an easy task and it takes a variety of factors to actually get on top of the competition. Intersog can help you with at least some of those. First of all, we have the expertise to deliver top-notch solutions that are up to the industry’s highest standards. Working with Intersog means working with the best, and our technology staff augmentation services will help you develop a top-notch quality product. Secondly, thanks to the cost-efficiency of this cooperation model, you can also save up some serious money and allocate it to meet your company’s other needs. Last but not least, we save your time by cutting the recruitment time and delivering measurable results fast.

    Adaptable Cooperation

    Apart from scaling your team up and down, which is a huge benefit in its own right, Intersog offers you adaptable staffing to meet the new challenges of your market. Modern marketplaces change rapidly and you will have to adapt to the changing requirements, and this also means that your developers will have to adapt to those changes as well. Team augmentation allows you to hire the exact experts you need at each given time, and the best thing here is that you won’t have to worry about having to maintain a full team of developers whose skills might go obsolete after a while.


    Intersog takes care of all the administrative aspects of our cooperation. We give you our best developers and support them throughout the development process. You do not need to worry about payrolls, taxes, vacation compensations, and all that stuff. We take care of all the headaches and make sure our cooperation is convenient and comfortable to our clients. This saves you tons of time and effort, which might prove vital in a long run. We lift much of that project’s weight off your shoulders and make the whole development process so much easier and more satisfying.

    Broad Skillset

    Intersog has been leading digital transformation across industries and continents for more than 15 years now, and over that time, we’ve gathered a vast team of hundreds of world-class developers. We work with clients in a number of industries including healthcare, transportation, entertainment, education, public services, and more. Most importantly, we leverage an impressive tech stack of numerous programming languages and frameworks. Intersog developers help companies around the world, and we are proud of our contribution to the global digital transformation.

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    Global Talent Pool at Your Service

    Intersog operates across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East providing superb IoT solutions to clients worldwide.

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      ​Our Development Process​

      Strategy and Roadmapping

      Approaching any kind of project required planning and a profound understanding of the company’s specs. We analyze your business, assess your needs, map out the competition, and come up with the monetization strategy for the product we develop. With that on our hands, we develop a development process roadmap. That way we can have a clear picture of what the final product is going to be like and see how we can extract monetary value out of it.

      Full-Cycle Development

      We then start developing the product while keeping all of your specs and requirements in mind. Our experts develop a strong and reliable backend as well as an aesthetically appealing frontend to guarantee flawless functioning of the product over the long term. It is essential for any product to function properly and give a pleasant experience to the users, which is why only work with the industry’s very best frontend and backend developers.

      Market Launch

      Once the product is ready and tested, we launch it to the market giving the audience a full taste of what it is like. We gather feedback and make adjustments, if needed, and then give you our support and maintenance services to ensure flawless performance throughout the product’s lifecycle.

      Expertise and Efficiency

      Intersog has years of experience as well as all the necessary resources to ensure an efficient development process that brings superb results. Starting with staff augmentation consulting services and ending with full-cycle development, we do our job fast and with extraordinary precision.


      Hiring a team of developers on your own might take several months of your time; Intersog can cut that timeline down to just several weeks. Of course, it would depend on your requirements and project specs, but generally, we can get you a team of any size in no more than 4 weeks. We work fast and do not waste any of your time delivering tangible success.


      Staff augmentation is generally a more cost-efficient cooperation model than, say, hiring a whole dedicated team. Of course, both options have their pros and cons in different situations but it is generally cheaper to augment your existing in-house team with offshore developers than to recruit an entire team from scratch. The choice depends on your particular situation.

      Unparalleled Quality

      Thanks to our vast experience and outstanding expertise, we do our job faster and better. We have the skills and knowledge to handle any kind of project and we can surely get your unique project up and running in a matter of weeks. Our developers have what it takes to develop a product that ups the industry standards and exceeds your utmost expectations.

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        I give my consent to Intersog to process and retain my personal data as set out in the retention section of the Privacy Policy.