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Seek Intersog's product ideation services when you are planning to disrupt your market with a new product. We can help you define the unmet need and determine monetization and ROI models. Intersog strategists will help you define what success looks like for your business and how to get there.
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Product Ideation Services with Intersog

Innovation is a challenging process. Intersog has always stayed on top of tech trends to ensure we bring ideation and innovation to every engagement. To make a good and unique app, you need to research the market, see which offers are already available, identify your goals, and try to come up with the idea of an application that will help you achieve your goals. Thanks to our experience in building amazing apps for hundreds of clients, we know how to approach this process and deliver tangible results.

How We Can Help

Business Goals Mapping
Competitive Review
Technical Direction
Enterprise Product Strategy
Risk Identification
Refining Requirements

Business Goals Mapping

Clearly defined goals and a vision of the final outcome will ensure your project's success and help you craft a comprehensive strategic product plan. You might at least have a general idea of which goals you want to pursue with the app, and if you don’t, Intersog experts help with new product ideation and help you set up the right goals. Goals like making more money or improving your customer relationships are too general and broad, so we help you narrow it down to synthesize a set of clear and precise goals we would be able to pursue with an application of other kinds of software solutions.

Competitive Review

An in-depth competitive analysis will help you stay ahead of the competition and discover new opportunities for business growth. You need to understand what is going on in your market niche, which products are available already, which are popular, and which are lacking so that you can take over the niche. Our app ideation strategy involves a thorough analysis of your competitors and the product they’ve put out. That way we can understand what you can do to stand out from the crowd and bring a unique value to the audience.

Technical Direction

Our qualified consultants will review your current systems and architecture to discover key problems and develop a product roadmap based on your business needs. Once we come up with an idea of the product, we move to software ideation, which means we focus on the technical side of the task. Our developers suggest the tools that would help realize your ideas and make the application that serves your grand vision. Developing a solution strategy in software engineering is a challenging process, but our experts have the experience to do it right.

Enterprise Product Strategy

Our team of talented developers and project managers will analyze your challenges and help you develop a custom solution to streamline your operations and reduce inefficiencies. We ideate app that helps you achieve maximum efficiency and streamline the processes within your organization. We make sure the solutions we develop for you match your overall development strategy and help your enterprise grow and maximize its efficiency.

Risk Identification

Our experts will identify the main risks associated with your product or solution development to ensure fast implementation and to avoid higher costs and project failure. Risk identification and management are paramount for developing any product or solution that takes investment and is meant to bring changes to your business. As we analyze your market for competition and other factors, we identify external risks that can impact your product in the future. We also take the internal risks into consideration and help you eliminate those.

Refining Requirements

Once we’ve defined how success looks for you, we’ll prepare the product/solution specifications that will include all the important features to be developed keeping in mind your customer needs and business goals. The product design ideation takes some serious deliberation, and we refine our ideas to match all of your requirements and specs. We make sure everything runs smoothly so you could enjoy the measurable success we deliver.

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Why Intersog?

Intersog has been delivering product ideation services, as well as full-cycle development services, to clients across industries for more than 15 years. We are a talent powerhouse ready to give you the world’s best developers at the shortest notice.

Global Talent Pool

Intersog offers you a global talent outreach so you can hire world-class consulting experts anywhere around the globe.

Unparalleled Quality

We put quality above all else and make sure each solution we offer is top-notch; we do not compromise the quality.

Fast Results

We do not waste time and deliver tangible results ASAP. We offer efficient cooperation saving time and money.

Strong Partnership

We are more than just a vendor, we are a partner that takes care of your project from day-1 and to the final delivery.

Success Stories that Inspire

Intersog leverages its vast experience to come up with the best ideas.
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Our client is an American ed-tech startup providing online education services
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Intersog delivered an enterprise mobility solution for CDW, a Fortune 500 provider of tech products and services
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Innlandet Hospital Trust is one of 15 health trusts in Helse Sør-Øst and covers the counties of Hedmark and Oppland of Norway
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Fido Solutions and Intersog established a long-term technology partnership to develop and improve Fido LOANS, a money lending mobile app for consumers
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Intersog developed an all-encompassing supply chain management system for Mitsubishi Motors
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Convenient Recruitment

We give you access to the world’s best developers and help you select the ones that suit your team best. No rookies, only real professionals.

Real Expertise

We give you the CVs of our best experts and you choose the ones you see fit for your project. We always give you the very best developers.

You Are in Charge

Thanks to our global presence, we can help you hire people who match your culture and values to ensure a perfect synergy between the teams.

Matching Cultures

Our Quality Assurance experts check the software for any possible issues to ensure its flawless functioning over the long term.

Guaranteed Quality

Our QA experts run frequent tests to make sure the application is up to your highest expectations and is completely bug-free.

Guaranteed Quality

New Partner, New Success Story

Intersog is much more than just a vendor – we are your new reliable partner who’s going to help you come up with a brilliant idea for a new product and make that idea into reality. We guarantee our help and support each step of the way.


We start our cooperation by consulting you on the best ways to reach your goals. We also study your environments to make grasp the general idea of what needs to be done to help you reach your full potential. Our experts conduct a thorough analysis of the factors impacting your business, define your major strengths and weaknesses, and come up with a solution.


After we analyze your specs and understand what are the internal and external factors impacting your organization, we move on to the product management ideation. This is where we come up with a set of actionable solutions that get us closer to achieving your goals. We map out the development process and develop the MVP that represents the final product.

Product Development

We develop a fully functional product that corresponds to your needs and exceeds your highest expectations. Intersog developers create a lovely application based on the ideas and plans we’ve come up with before. Having the roadmap all set and ready, it is much easier for us to develop an actual product that corresponds to your vision and gives exactly what you need.

​Our Ideation Process​

Research and Analysis

To come up with a viable idea that is supposed to help in a specific area, we must understand what we are dealing with. That is why we begin our ideation stage with extensive research that gives us an insight into the market, your organizational structure, and all the little factors that define success in your market.

Goal Identification

So, what are you planning to achieve? As said, you may have some vague goals like making more money or attracting more customers, but it has to be something more precise. With the knowledge gained during the previous stage, we can understand how other businesses in your niche operate and how they achieve success. Knowing that we can come up with a set of goals or a single goal that is meant to get you to the top.

Product Ideation

Understanding the goals and the way your market functions, we can now think about the actual product. We know which goals it is supposed to achieve, we know what problems it is supposed to solve, so we can now define the functionality of the application, the tech stack needed to achieve that functionality and all the other aspects like UI and UX. Basically, that is when we shape the idea and start to make it work.

Our Global Talent Pool is Now Yours

Intersog is based in Chicago, USA, with offices across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East to provide top-notch services worldwide.

Efficiency and Expertise

Intersog is your new reliable partner that helps you achieve your digital transformation goals and generate some of the most awesome ideas that take your business to a whole new level. We offer you a strong partnership that brings you the results you need and continuously strengthens your business.


Intersog does not waste time delivering tangible results and actionable solutions to the table. Once you approve the composition of the team, we are ready to roll, and once the work has begun, we do not waste a moment. We study the market, analyze your competitors, define your strengths and weaknesses, and conduct market research to generate the best ideas.


Hiring a team of offshore consulting and development experts will actually cost you much less than recruiting and onboarding people yourself. It also takes less time to do it, so you can save both time and money by just contacting Intersog and telling us what kind of people you need for your project. Our experts will get the job done fast and without redundant spending.

Unparalleled Quality

Intersog works faster, harder, and better. Thanks to our 18+ years in the business, we have the knowledge and skills to deliver the best product and generate the most effective ideas that bring real success. We genuinely want your business to grow and prosper and we leverage our expertise to give you the results you need and take your business to a whole new level.
external strategy

Why do you need an external strategy?

  • It is unbiased.
  • It looks at your product or service with fresh eyes.
  • You’ll benefit from the knowledge from our tech experts.
  • It uses special tools for the analysis.
  • It is results oriented.

Have You Decided?

Who is your target audience?
What’s the ideal tech stack for your product or solution?
What are the target platforms & devices?
What analytics should be collected?
How to future proof the tech investment?
What functional specs should be documented before the development?