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Perks of iOS Applications

iOS devices like iPhone or iPad are hugely popular among users around the globe and are quite renowned for their superb quality, excellent performance, and unparalleled user experience. Apple is one the biggest brand-name in the mobile devices market, which makes developing prime-quality applications for iOS devices a rather lucrative venture. As a native iOS app development company, Intersog helps you find the right developers for creating your own iOS application.

Why Intersog?

Intersog is a custom iOS application development agency based in Chicago, USA, providing top-shelf services to clients across continents and industries. Over 15 years in business, we’ve gained trust among hundreds of clients, and we can now become your partner for your next iOS development project.

Dedicated iOS Teams

You do not have to go through the painstaking recruitment process yourself. We give you an entire team of professional developers fast.

Application Development

Kickstart your project with a professional team of app developers and achieve your goals with your new reliable partner for the iOS development project.

Team Augmentation

If you do not have enough developers on your team, the best idea is to augment it with seasoned experts from Intersog for optimal performance.

Superb Quality

Be sure of the quality as we offer end-to-end software testing. Our QA experts run regular tests throughout the development.

Applications We Develop for You

iPhone Apps
iPad Apps
Apple Watch
iOS Video Games

iPhone Apps

Our iOS developers excel in developing high-quality mobile applications for the new iPhone models. We employ a forward-looking methodology that allows us to create applications that would be relevant and perfectly compatible with the future iPhone models as well. Our goal here is to not just give you an immediate solution but to equip you with the right set of solutions that would serve you for years regardless of the changes in the operating system or devices.


iPad Apps

We build top-quality and high-performance applications for iPad tablets. Our developers offer strong expertise in developing native iPad applications and a profound understanding of how the specifics of the device influence the application and the development process. We leverage a number of modern programming languages and frameworks to create applications that reflect your brand identity and vision while setting up the bar for the new industry standard.

Safety and Security

Apple Watch

Tap in the market of wearable devices early on with applications for Apple Watch. As wearables become more and more advanced and as their functionality expands further, now is a good time to hop on that train and see where it takes you. Here at Intersog, we leverage our knowledge of iOS development frameworks to create revolutionary applications for wearables in several industries including Healthcare.

Simple Deployment

iOS Video Games

We’ve been pushing the frontier of mobile gaming for years now partnering with large development studios and creating superb gaming experiences for iOS gamers around the world. As mobile gaming becomes bigger and bigger every year and the industry becoming increasingly lucrative, we can help you get your piece of the cake by developing awesome games sure to gather a large number of fans around the world and some serious revenue for your company.

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Our Success Stories

We are proud of the apps we’ve developed for our clients, so let’s begin your success story now.
Innlandet Hospital Trust is one of 15 health trusts in Helse Sør-Øst and covers the counties of Hedmark and Oppland of Norway
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Intersog built an educational and marketing portal that helped the Northern Trust Corporation qualify target prospects
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Intersog helped the University of Chicago Medicine develop a user-friendly mobile application for seamless maintenance issue reporting
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We built a collaborative software development team with Elite Staffing to facilitate the analysis, definition, testing and delivery phases
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Intersog helped MCC to develop a self-service mobile application that improves the coordination between the employees
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Hire World’s Best Developers Fast

If you want to hire an iOS app developer or an entire team of developers, Intersog gives you senior experts with a proven record of expertise.

Proven Expertise

We are a team of 250+ developers and we can get you the experts that match your project’s specs in a matter of weeks.

Fast Recruitment

Based in the US with offices across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East, we can get you a team that matches your culture.

Cultural Matching

We integrate our team into your organization fast and seamlessly to ensure efficient cooperation and mutual understanding.

Team Integration

We gather your feedback and constantly test the product to identify and quickly fix all the possible flaws to ensure perfect performance.

Quality Assurance

The Benefits of Custom iOS Development

The top iOS app development company services do not limit to just codding; Intersog offers a full range of supplementary services to get your project from ideation to market launch.

Requirement Gathering

We begin by figuring out what you need and what your vision for the application is. We talk through all of your requirements and start formulating the approach for achieving your goals and objectives and selecting the right people for the job. We help you hire iOS app developer who matches your requirements and would be able to deliver the results you need fast. We create a design for the application and a mockup that would give you a view of what the final product would look like.


Everything can be modified and changed, and once you approve the design for us to go with, we transition to the next stage of the software development life cycle. That is where we code the actual application for you, create all the assets, implement necessary features, and mold it all into a final product that corresponds to your needs. With our agile approach, we can make changes at almost any step of the way, so you can adapt your final product to your liking on the go.


Once we roll out the final product, we do not just leave you there. If you need us to keep on supporting and maintaining the application, we will be there to help. We offer professional support and maintenance services at a reasonable cost to make sure your app runs smoothly and update it whenever you feel like you need some new features added to it. We will be backing you and your application up for as long as you need to guarantee its flawless functioning.

Business Benefits of iOS App Development

Better Revenue
Developed Customer-Base
Business Data Security
Simple and Effective
Quality Standards
Faster Market Launch

Better Revenue

Despite iOS occupying less than 15% of the total market share, the revenue generated by iOS apps is much bigger than that of the competitors. In 2020, the iOS app revenue has grown considerably and accounted for the 65% of global app revenue. In total, iOS generated $47.6 billion in gaming app revenue and an additional $24.7 billion in non-gaming app revenue, which is considerably higher than that of Google Play. Add some $10 billion in subscription-based app revenue, and you get a clear picture – developing applications for iOS is a rather lucrative venue.

Developed Customer-Base

Apple devices and iOS apps are most popular in developed regions like North America and Western Europe as well as countries like Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Despite the fact that Android takes up almost 75% of the app users worldwide, the iOS users there are generally more willing to spend money on applications or make in-app purchases. That is exactly why a relatively small proportion of users generates more revenue, and that is why it might be a good idea to target iOS users.

Business Data Security

If the security of your software and data is of major concern to your firm, iOS applications are generally more secure than Android apps. The main measures for data protection here include but do not limit to integrated data dandling systems, data loss prevention, and data duplication prevention. Simply put, it is much harder for hackers to use malware to access your data and threaten your security if you use Apple devices.

Simple and Effective

The thing users love about the Apple devices is their simplicity of use and the superb performance when handling the most complicated tasks. This is not just about the apps, it is the overall accessibility and simplicity of these devices that are capable of amazing things while being rather user-friendly. What you need to do here is to complement that user experience with a comfortable and intuitive UI that enhances the user’s engagement with the app. An appealing design, simplicity of use, and intuitive interface all make the iOS apps more desirable for the users, which would surely benefit your sales and give you a better return on investment. More so, the apps are scalable and adaptable to the changing market trends, so you can surely achieve great results here.

Quality Standards

As a brand name, Apple is synonymous with quality and usability, and such a reputation already sells anything they put on the market. You can ride that wave too by developing a high-quality application for iOS devices. The iOS users are used to high-quality standards, which sets the bar for you and your application, and if you partner with a good iOS mobile app development company in the USA, you are guaranteed to win over a broad audience. People expect a good quality, and you will have to give them what they expect to achieve success.

Faster Market Launch

iOS developers mostly use Objective C and Swift for coding, and those programming languages are meant to decrease the development time. The testing time is also reduced thanks to the small number of devices Apple offers. There is an iPhone for smartphones, an iPad for tablets, Apple Watch for wearables – you get the idea. So, if you develop an application for iOS smartphones, you only need to test it for iPhone and not hundreds of different phones like you’d have to with Android apps. The speed of development and testing allows for a faster market launch, which means a faster return on investment.

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Achieving Success Worldwide

Intersog is a Chicago-based company with offices across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Choose the Best Partner for the Best Product

You need a reliable partner who’d help you navigate through the software development life cycle and get your app ready for the market launch. Intersog leads the way for iOS app development in Chicago and gets you the results you need based on our core values:

Professionalism and Care

Our cooperation with the clients is based on professionalism and genuine care when approaching any type of project. We do everything in our power to give you a superb product and a true partnership. We are not a freelance agency, we are a real partner who actually cares about your project and wants it to succeed, and every software solution we create is meant to deliver tangible results.

Focus on Quality

Whenever you outsource any kind of project to an offshore vendor, you might be reasonably worried about the quality. Here at Intersog, we put the quality of software at the center always push for improvements along the way. We test the software we develop for you throughout the development life cycle, and we are proud of the work we do and the applications we develop for you.

Straight to Action

With Intersog, you would not need to spend months of your precious time hunting and hiring iOS developers for your team. We can get you a full team of experts in a matter of several weeks so that they would get started with your project fast. We do not waste your time, and once you’ve approved the composition of the team, we are ready to get to work delivering results that exceed expectations.

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