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Why Intersog?

Intersog is a global provider of custom software that has been delivering top-notch services to partners across continents and industries. With our 15 years of experience, we can guarantee results and tangible success – work with the best to be the best.

Global Talent Pool

Intersog is a global talent powerhouse that operates across the continents to deliver the best AI chatbot development services.

Unrivaled Expertise

We work with the best people only, so we can help you hire chatbot developers that deliver tangible success in a matter of weeks.

Fast Recruitment

It takes us just a couple of days to gather a team of AI bot developers; you just tell us how many people you need and we’ll get them ready.

You Are in Charge

We offer you a selection of our dedicated developers and you can interview them all and pick the ones you want working on your project.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is all about making your customer communication simpler, more efficient, and convenient. Using the power of artificial intelligence, we can build chatbots for answering your customers’ questions and helping them find solutions to their issues without involving live support. Of course, the current capabilities of AI have their limits but Intersog experts can take most out of its capacity.

Success Stories that Inspire Action

Intersog leverages the capacities of AI to produce a top-shelf chatbot for your company.
Intersog built an educational and marketing portal that helped the Northern Trust Corporation qualify target prospects
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We built a collaborative software development team with Elite Staffing to facilitate the analysis, definition, testing and delivery phases
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Workout and Health Monitoring App Development for iOS and Android
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Fast and Simple Recruitment

Intersog gets you top experts from all around the world and offers a proven record of expertise for each of them.

Real Expertise

We give you a selection of our best experts and you can assess their skills and interview them before picking the ones you want on your team.

Your Choice

We operate globally to help you find developers who match your corporate culture and values to create a perfect synergy.

Cultural Match

Once you approve the composition of the team, our developers are ready to get to work and deliver real results.

Ready to Roll

We offer test-driven chatbot app development services; our QA experts run frequent tests to make sure your software works flawlessly.

Why Use Chatbots?

Personalized Experience
Increased Productivity
Following the Trends
Generate Leads

Personalized Experience

Modern chatbots are capable of maintaining quite meaningful conversations and provide the customers with personalized information instead of heavily scripted and generic answers. These bots can understand human speech and mimic it giving the conversation a livelier feel and improving the customer experience.


Increased Productivity

Chatbot helps you automate customer communications and allows you to cut certain spending. Thanks to the services of the chatbot app development company, you can stay connected with your customers at all times without interruptions. It can also help you reach out to new customers. Basically, you would not need to hire and maintain a huge support team that would respond to all the customer requests.

Safety and Security

Following the Trends

Chatbots make customer communication more streamlined and efficient. You customers no longer need to wait for the support department to connect as the bot can process thousands of inquiries simultaneously. It also gives you the edge over the competitors who still hire large numbers of support experts instead of using a single chatbot. Automating customer communication makes it less expensive and more effective.

Simple Deployment

Generate Leads

The bots can collect feedback from the customers to learn more about their preferences. This information can be later used to generate more leads and boost up sales. The bot can make this process much simpler and faster, so it might be a good idea to use the services of the chatbot development agency.

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Real-Life Applications of Chatbots

Increased Engagement
Lead Conversion
Personalized Notifications
Contextual Response
Better Experience

Increased Engagement

One of the main benefits of chatbots is that they only provide a single chunk of information at a time, and it is usually the information the customer needed in the first place. The customer asks the question and the bot gives a direct and precise answer. Human interaction is less precise and it might be distracting to some customers. AI, in turn, gives you a precise and comprehensive answer. It increases the engagement of the users helping them find the solutions to their issues at a much faster rate.

Lead Conversion

AI assistant or a chatbot helps guide leads in the right direction helping you engage more people. It also helps you to distinguish productive leads and make an emphasis on the particular groups of leads. Such features help you guide your marketing efforts more precisely and help you maximize your profits.

Personalized Notifications

Sending personalized notifications based on the customer’s history of interaction with your company or product is much more efficient than just sending the same thing to all of your customers. You can come up with a number of notifications for different types of customers depending on their behavior, and that will surely help you deliver more personal touch to the customers.

Contextual Response

Advanced chatbots allow for entirely seamless cooperation between the user and the product or the business and the customer. Enterprise chatbot development can help you establish natural and smooth cooperation with your customers. The customers can get contextual responses to specific issues they might be having, and these personalized responses help eliminate most of these issues without human involvement.

Better Experience

Integrating chatbots into your existing ecosystem is a good idea from the standpoint of architecture design. That way your customers would not need to leave your app or your website to contact you. For instance, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have built-in chatbots that make communication much more convenient. That way your clients can reach out get help 24/7, which drastically improves the whole experience.


The cost of maintaining an entire live support team is one of the main reasons why most businesses now switch to chatbots. It is much cheaper to just have an AI chatbot that can maintain proper communication with your customers and a much smaller live team that would handle peculiar cases chatbot cannot handle due to the current limitations of AI and NLP technologies. That can save you millions of dollars depending on the size of your current customer support team.

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Partner with Intersog for the Best Results

Intersog is your reliable partner on the path to digital transformation. If you need to hire an AI chatbot development company in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, or the Middle East, Intersog is your best choice. We offer a full-cycle cooperation model:


We start our cooperation by discussing your vision for the project and your business objectives. We define the project’s specs and scope and start gathering a team of developers who match those specs.

Development and QA

Our software engineers use a test-driven methodology to develop an AI chatbot from scratch. Our QA experts test the code on the fly to make sure everything functions as intended so that you can be sure of its quality.

Product Deployment

We roll out a lovely product that corresponds to your expectations and the industry’s highest standards. When you hire the best chatbot development company, you expect results, and Intersog gives you results.


We do not just say our goodbyes once the work is done. We stay in touch and keep on supporting your chatbot throughout its life cycle. We also update and scale your chatbot up whenever you need it.

​Our Development Process​

Strategy Roadmapping

You have a great idea and we have the tools and skills to make it work. Together, we discuss your vision and your business objectives and develop a plan that will help us achieve those objectives. We take all of your specs into account and come up with the action plan that helps us achieve your goals. We also choose a programming language like Python that would work best within your existing ecosystem.


We develop a minimum value product to showcase how it all works. With that, we can demonstrate the product to the target audience and start getting feedback from the users. This will allow us to gather feedback and improve the product on the fly. We also test it and make sure everything works as intended.

Chatbot Development

After all the testing and screening are done, we develop a final version of the chatbot and present it to the public. Of course, minor changes and upgrades can be done at this stage but overall, that is when you see the product as it was meant to be. We can upgrade and scale your chatbot up whenever you need it.

Spend Less, Get More

Intersog has been providing outstanding software solutions to clients around the world for more than 15 years. We have the experience and the skills to get your project on the right track. Our developers have the experience to make your most ambitious ideas work.


Our developers get to work immediately after you approve the composition of the team and waste no time delivering results that exceed expectations. We do not just give you a team of developers, we become your true partner that takes responsibility for the project and strives to achieve success together with you. We work hard and deliver your chatbot when intended.


We do not only save your time but also save up to 40% on your project cost. First of all, it is cheaper to hire an entirely remote team than hire in-house developers individually. Secondly, we always try to reduce waste during the development process to save money. Intersog can cut your project cost drastically, and we truly want to help you spend less while getting more.

Unparalleled Skills

Our team has been delivering success to startups and Fortune 500 companies worldwide for years, and we have the experience and the skillset to get any project from the ground up and up to delivering a fully functional product. Our expertise is second-to-none and we are ready to hop on your project fast and strong. Our experience and skills now serve your interests.

Global Talent Outreach for Your Success

Intersog is based in Chicago with offices across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

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    Real Human Values

    Intersog is more than just a vendor and you are more than just a client – we are partners united by the common goal. We genuinely care for the development and growth of your business and we do our best to help you achieve your goals.

    Respect and Trust

    Respect is central to any partnership and trust helps sustain healthy relationships between businesses and individuals. Intersog is a reliable partner you can trust and we give you top-quality services for a reasonable price. We are here to help you achieve your goals.


    Honesty and transparency are paramount and we always share all the necessary information with you and stay in touch at all times. We share our knowledge and skills with your team and deliver results exactly as promised – Intersog values honesty and quality above all.

    Real Care

    We truly care for your company and its success. We want to help your company grow and advance and make sure our work actually benefits you. Intersog is one partner you need to develop a reliable chatbot that will benefit your company’s success and growth.

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