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Intersog leverages the latest innovations in the eHealth domain to improve the performance of medical professionals and the patient's quality of life.
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Challenges of eHealth We Address

Technical Reliability
Privacy and Identification
Legacy Interoperability
Patient Involvement

Technical Reliability

Device safety, software standardization, data integrity, reliability, as well as the ability to collect and communicate data timely and accurately are the most pressing issues of modern eHealth. Reducing human supervision is the main goal here, but to achieve it, you need a healthcare software engineer or a team of engineers who can develop reliable e-health solutions that complement the efficient functioning of the medical facilities.


Privacy and Identification

Electronic health record needs to be a 100% private affair between the patient and the physician, which is why any healthcare software that contains private patient data must be perfectly secure. Security concerns are common throughout healthcare settings as the electronic health record and physician databases contain much more than just patient’s health records; they might also contain sensitive information regarding facilities, physicians’ professional records, billing, and more.

Safety and Security

Legacy Interoperability

eHealth is still an innovation sparsely represented in clinical settings around the world, and many facilities still operate old and clunky record systems that no longer suffice for the needs of modern healthcare. Integrating innovations into these old systems has to be a gradual process that allows the clinical personnel to effectively operate the same data they’ve been collecting for many years. This is why the task of any company providing custom healthcare software development services is to ensure legacy interoperability.

Simple Deployment

Patient Involvement

With modern technology, healthcare becomes more customer-oriented and interactive, and the patients are becoming active contributors to a health record. The doctor is no longer the sole owner of the health record and is vital to regulate the amount of control given to both doctors and patients. Patients can actually contribute to the negative outcomes of treatment by interfering in the process, which is why proper healthcare software solutions need to give just the right amount of control to both parties.

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Applications and Services We Provide

Data Management
Healthcare Accessibility
Facility Management
​System Modernization​
eConsulting and Telemedicine
​Electronic Health Record​

Data Management

Security, privacy, and proper management of the data are essential for any kind of business, and the Intersog team leverages its strong background in database development and management to help your healthcare organization better manage large databases to keep the information safely stored and properly organized. Depending on the size and history of your facility, you’d be dealing with years-worth of patient and staff data, and a proper data management application would be a valuable tool for your organization.

Healthcare Accessibility

New technologies make healthcare more accessible to the patients as they get to stay in touch with their doctors at all times thanks to mobile applications and access to critical information regarding their treatment. Intersog develops healthcare solutions that improve the accessibility of healthcare for the patients and allow the doctors to better monitor the treatment process. Our solutions improve every aspect of doctor-patient communication for the best healthcare experience.

Facility Management

Intersog’s applications help you manage the facility with maximum efficiency, allocate resources where they are needed most, manage the finances, and monitor the clinical personnel performance with maximum efficiency. With our solutions, healthcare facilities can maximize their performance by eliminating performance bottlenecks and streamlining external and internal processes. That way you can treat more patients while improving the outcomes of the treatment.

System Modernization

Managing your facility on paper or via spreadsheets is no longer efficient enough to meet the modern healthcare demand. The increasing population puts a serious strain on healthcare facilities around the world, and legacy systems are no longer able to keep up with growing demand. eHealth solutions, thus, are the biggest leverage that can help you improve the efficiency of your facility. Intersog does not only develop cutting-edge eHealth solutions, we also offer integration services so that you would not lose any of the data you’ve accumulated over the years.

eConsulting and Telemedicine

eConsulting is becoming increasingly popular, especially after the pandemic hit and locked people in their homes. eConsulting allows for remote communication and consulting with physicians, which is vital for many people out there, especially the ones having problems leaving home for one reason or another. That is why Intersog works on eConsulting and telemedicine solutions that unite top healthcare providers and connect them with patients regardless of their location.

Electronic Health Record

EHR has been around for years but the technology is still in its infancy stage. Unfortunately, many facilities these days fail to adopt the EHR due to its complexity. Veteran nurses and doctors are used to doing their job the old-fashioned way and it is hard to make them switch to EHR, which is why it is essential to make that software as intuitive and as simple as a pencil and a sheet of paper. Intersog developers can help you make a transition to EHR as frictionless as possible by with a robust and reliable backend and a simple and intuitive front end.

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The Benefits of Working with Intersog

Intersog is a professional healthcare software development agency in USA that offers a broad scope of services to medical facilities around the world. We leverage our tech stack to help you deliver superb healthcare services to each of your patients.

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) outlines the standards for protecting sensitive patient data. All the companies that are related to health information in any way must have relevant data protection measures in place and follow certain security procedures to ensure HIPAA compliance. This means that software providers must follow the same guidelines as well, and Intersog is 100% HIPAA compliant.

NDA and IP Protection

Everything we develop for you is 100% yours; you own the rights to every solution we develop under our agreement and we do not disclose any essential details of our cooperation to third parties. If you want us to, we would not even disclose the name of your company being our client. Every snippet of code and all the software solutions belong to you and only to you, and we would not use them for any further projects.

Superb Quality

We offer you an agile team of dedicated developers who have unparalleled industry expertise and a broad tech stack. What sets us apart from most vendors is our attention to detail and the quality of the software we provide for you. We test the code throughout the development process and make sure everything works perfectly. Intersog leverages the capabilities of AI for automated testing as well as human testing to ensure quality.

How We Can Help


Here at Intersog, we help hospitals, healthcare startups, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies achieve their business goals and address their IT staffing needs by offering top-notch software development and healthcare software consulting services. We guarantee industry expertise, a broad tech stack, strong innovative potential, and world-class IT talents. We’ve worked with a wide variety of partners delivering superb results on eHealth projects across the globe.

Fast Recruitment

One of the many advantages of working with Intersog is that we offer fast and convenient recruitment. We help you hire a full team of professional software developers with a solid background in healthcare custom software development. We will get you an action-ready team of developers in a matter of several weeks so that you’ll be seeing tangible results on your project soon.

Exceeding Expectations

Being a healthcare software developer company, we understand how important healthcare solutions are. The quality of software for healthcare organizations directly influences the quality of life of the patients, which is why we always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver flawless solutions that help healthcare practitioners better serve their patients.

Digital Transformation

Using healthcare software as a service is paramount for the development of the industry as a whole. We do not do that simply because everybody else does, we do that because the healthcare industry needs to evolve and develop in order to give patients better care, increase their healthy longevity, and make sure people around the world receive adequate treatment. The earlier you start your path to digital transformation, the better.

Benefits We Offer

Intersog is a custom healthcare software development company in Chicago that offers a wide variety of services to clients worldwide. From the ideation stage and up to the implementation and support stage, we give you full-cycle customized development to improve your healthcare services.

Personalized Experience

From simple booking systems to complex mobile healthcare applications, we help your patients receive a personalized healthcare experience.

Simplify Your Processes

Intersog helps you streamline your internal operations, manage the equipment and staff, and helps you focus on delivering better care.

Better Collaboration

Our solutions help medical professionals to better collaborate with the patients, remotely and on-site, to achieve maximum efficiency.

Security and Compliance

We build HIPAA-compliant solutions and custom applications that are meant to keep your staff and your patients’ data safe and secure.

Technologies We Use

Intersog leverages a wide variety of frameworks to deliver superb result on every project across industries. Our developers are well-versed in applying their knowledge to deliver a superb marlet-ready product.






MEAN Stack

LAMP Stack








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    Reduce Development Cost and Achieve More

    Reasonable Pricing

    One of the main factors slowing the growth of the eHealth market is the software development cost. Many organizations simply cannot afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on building mobile telehealth apps, EHR systems, and facility management systems. High prices are the main reason why so many medical establishments still run with outdated systems or stick to the paper record.


    As wearable devices become more common, it might just be the right time for you to tap into that new area and take advantage of the hybrid and native applications for wearable devices we can develop for you. We leverage the capabilities of Big Data, data visualization, robust UX architectures, APIs, and numerous coding frameworks to create reliable and user-friendly eHealth apps for wearable devices.

    Health Monitoring

    Thanks to our previous experience working with healthcare organizations in the US and the EU, we have the right skillset to deliver eHealth software solutions of any level of complexity. Wearables are still in their infancy and their capabilities are still quite limited. However, with the development of modern technologies, we can expect huge growth in their popularity and functionality within the nearest future. Intersog works at the forefront of innovation in this area and we are ready to deliver outstanding results to your company as well.

    Global Talent Pool for Your Success

    Intersog is a global custom eHealth software development company headquartered in Chicago.

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