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Java Development Services for Your Company

Java is one of the world’s most popular programming languages but hiring an entire team of truly professional developers might be too much of a challenge. If you need to hire dedicated Java developers, Intersog has got you covered.

Fast Recruitment

It takes just several days from the moment you contact us and to the moment your team is ready for action. We’ll get you an entire team of Java developers fast.

Reasonable Hourly Rates

Fast and simple recruitment at a reasonable hour rate allows you to save not just time but also up to 40% of project cost. We take care of the back-office administration too.

You Are in Charge

We give you a selection of our professional java developers and you choose the ones you like. You can conduct technical interviews to choose people you want on your project.

Global Talent Pool

We are a Java software development company with offices worldwide. We give you offshore and nearshore developers for optimal performance.

Why Choose Java?

Java is an object-oriented, class-based programming language that follows the write once, use anywhere concept, which means it runs on every platform without recompilation. It looks and feels like C++ but it is also much simpler. Java allows for the creation of applications used on either a single device or applications distributed among servers and users across wide networks. Intersog leverages the broad capabilities of Java to develop high-quality applications for enterprises across industries.

Advantages of Java

Java is Simple
Java is Secure

Java is Simple

Java offers a simple and comprehensive syntax, so it is easy to read even if you are not a developer. It is easy to write, read, learn, maintain, and understand. The code itself is easy to debug. Being partially based on C++, which is a quite simple language in its own right, Java takes it one step further removing all the complex elements of this language like storage classes, operator overloading, explicit pointers concept, and more making coding much easier.



Java is an object-oriented language, which means it offers a great potential for reusability of the code. This property also makes the code more flexible and secure since it binds the data to a single unit rather than the entire code. The developers can easily change the snippets of the code, which is quite comfortable and time-efficient. It also allows the developers to reorganize the bigger modules and make them smaller so that they are easier to read.

Safety and Security

Java is Secure

Java drastically decreases security threats by not using explicit pointers. The explicit pointers store the memory address of other modules, which can result in unauthorized access to the memory. As said, Java does not use the pointers; more so, Java offers a Security Manager tool for each application that allows the product owners to define the access rules.

Simple Deployment


Java provides the most bang for your buck since you can code once and use it anywhere. You can run Java applications on almost any modern device without having to install any additional software. It runs on Linux, Mac, Windows, and all the other major platforms you can think of, and you won’t have to write a separate code for each version of your app.

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Our Success Stories

Intersog leverages Java to deliver success. Let's start a new success story together.
Intersog delivered an enterprise mobility solution for CDW, a Fortune 500 provider of tech products and services
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Fido Solutions and Intersog established a long-term technology partnership to develop and improve Fido LOANS, a money lending mobile app for consumers
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Intersog developed a groundbreaking healthcare app that helps patients consult with doctors remotely
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Intersog partnered with the University of Michigan to help monitor and improve the condition of roads in real-time
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We built a collaborative software development team with Elite Staffing to facilitate the analysis, definition, testing and delivery phases
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Intersog helped MCC to develop a self-service mobile application that improves the coordination between the employees
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Recruit Fast and Headache-Free

When you hire Java developers, especially for remote teams, you need to be sure of their expertise. Intersog only gives you real experts with proven expertise credentials.

Real Experts

We give you the CVs of our top experts and you can interview each of them if you wish to see who fits your team best. We want our people to become your trusty partners.

It’s Your Call

Our global presence allows us to hire people who perfectly match your worldview and your culture. That way we guarantee smooth cooperation between you and the team.

Cultural Matching

Once you select the people you need, they are ready to jump straight to action and start working on your project. We waste no time, though we never compromise quality.


Quality is the most important thing for us, and our QA specialists constantly run tests to make sure everything works as intended. Intersog gives you speed and precision.

Quality Assurance

Our Strategy for App Development

Ideation and Roadmapping

We throw the milestones around and map the road to the app’s success. We discuss the core functionality, the main features, monetization strategy, marketing, and all the factors that contribute to the ultimate success of the product.

UX Design

Next, we discuss the basic architecture of your app. Together, we discuss the kind of experience your users are going to get, all the microservices and little features that are going to make up the whole experience of using the application.

UI Design

Once the wireframes are set and done, our senior UI/UX designers will craft a style deck that is tailored to your taste and the taste of your target audience.

The Main Uses of Java

Mobile Applications
Enterprise Applications
Game Development
Big Data and IoT
Desktop GUI Applications
Cloud-Based Application

Mobile Applications

Java is easily the most popular programming language for mobile application development. Java is fully compatible with major platforms like Android and iOS, so you can use it for cross-platform applications. There’s an opinion that Java works best with Android, due to its OOPs principles that provide better security for this particular platform. The fact of the matter is that it works great on any platform.

Enterprise Applications

Java is a go-to language for developers working on data-heavy applications for large enterprises. Java Enterprise Edition is quite a popular platform among the developers who work with APIs and runtime environments as it eases scripting. JavaEE is widely used in banking applications being a backbone that ensures secure and timely data transfers.

Game Development

Java supports one of the world’s best 3D engines, the jMonkeyEngine that offers a great performance for 3D video game development. Java is quite popular for creating gaming applications, and though jMonkeyEngine is not popular among the big gaming companies, it is perfectly suitable for smaller mobile games. Of course, such a project requires a whole another set of expertise.

Big Data and IoT

Java is one of the primary reasons why Big Data technology has become a thing and why some of the powerful programming languages like Scala exist. Java is the backbone of Big Data solutions, which is why it is important for any data-driven firm and data analysts trying to tap into that domain. If you need to collect, study, and analyze large amounts of data, Java is the way to go.

Desktop GUI Applications

Java is a perfect choice for desktop applications as it provides Graphical User Interface elements of interactive visual components that are essential for comfortable navigation through the app. Different toolkits like AWT, Swing and JavaFX offer a number of pre-made advanced components like menu lists, scroll panels, tabbed panels, tablets, lists, and more. Java is quite versatile and can be used for both frontend and backend.

Cloud-Based Application

Cloud computing is an essential part of the modern IT industry as it allows for the provisioning of IT resources via the internet. It is a cost-efficient solution for the enterprise IT infrastructure, and Java gives you the tools that allow you to deliver applications that can later be used in SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. It can help you build your own applications depending on your goals and requirements.

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Full-Cycle Development Process

Intersog offers a broad scope of services that get your project from the ideation stage and up to supporting your product throughout its lifecycle. With our experience and a vast talent pool, we can guarantee quality at each step of the way. There are four main stages of cooperation:


You have a brilliant idea and we know how to make it work. We consult you on the best ways to achieve your goals and suggest a time and cost-efficient approach to realizing your ambitious ideas.

Quality Testing

We employ a test-driven approach to all of our projects. We don’t leave anything to chance and constantly test the software we develop for top-tier quality, perfect performance, and longevity.

Product Deployment

We deploy a beautiful product you and your audience are going to enjoy. You will evaluate the quality of the product and we will continue testing after the deployment for extra confidence.

Support and Maintenance

Once the product is deployed, we don’t just leave you – Intersog is here to become your long-term partner and help you maintain and support the proper functioning of your product over the years.

Building Your App with a Reliable Partner

Intersog has been building mobile, desktop, and web applications for clients across the industries and continents for more than 15 years, and Java has always been one of the programming languages we enjoy the most. Hands down, our developers love Java for its simplicity and usability, and it is always a pleasure to work on projects involving this language.

Real Human Values

Intersog is not just a Java application development company, we are a team of real professionals who love their job. We value honesty and transparency in everything we do, and that drives our approach to partnership. We genuinely want to help you succeed in your digital transformation endeavor. To make that happen, we give you all of our skills and knowledge. Our goal is to help businesses around the world achieve their goals faster and with minimum waste.

True Partnership

Partnership with Intersog is more than just a contract; we offer you professional cooperation, strong partnership, and tangible results. We are here to help you and your business, and we are genuinely interested in getting you to where you need to be as fast as we possibly can. As the full-cycle software development firm, we provide a full scope of services that are meant to help you realize your vision for the digital transformation and make all of your ideas work and bring value.

Ready When You Are

We act fast – from the moment you contact Intersog, it takes us just a couple of days to get you an entire team of the world’s best full stack Java developers ready. After that, our developers are ready to join your project, lead your project, or augment your in-house team. We offer an agile cooperation model, so you can choose between different modes of cooperation. You are in charge and we give you exactly what you want to build a strong and frictionless partnership.

Why Hire a Remote Team of Java Developers?

The reasons for hiring an entire team of Java developers might be many:

  • You don’t have Java developers in-house
  • You don’t have the time to recruit individual developers
  • You want to save money hiring an entirely remote team
  • You need skilled developers to lead the team

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    Intersog is a software development company that gives you more than just a code. Of course, a great code is always good but we give you more than just that. We offer you professionalism, partnership, care, and efficiency. We want to help you achieve digital transformation and the success it brings.


    Imagine having to spend months of your time hunting and hiring developers, interviewing them one by one, onboarding, training, and administrating them on your own. All of that costs you time and money. We take all of those chores off of your shoulders. Intersog is a tech talent powerhouse ready to deploy teams of any size at any time. Start your project in less than two weeks with Intersog.

    Reduced Time to Market

    Having saved tons of time by hiring a team of developers at Intersog, you can also count on a fast development process. Of course, we never sacrifice the quality of the product we develop for you but you can be sure we would not slug the progress down. We want you to enjoy the fruits of our labor as soon as possible, so we work fast and deliver results that excite.

    High ROI

    Return on investment rate is the most important marker of success for any business. Considering the time and money you’d be saving by partnering with Intersog and the quality of the product we deliver, you can be sure of a high return on investment. It is essential for us to help you gain maximum benefit out of our cooperation, so we work hard to increase your ROI.

    Focused on Your Success

    Intersog brings value with speed and precision delivering results that exceed the highest expectations.

    Focus on Key Objectives

    We prioritize our activities to focus on your key objectives and save time.


    Hiring an entire team of developers saves you to 40% of the total project cost.

    Tech Proficiency

    We guarantee top-tier tech talents from all around the globe working on your project.

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