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The best software has a great back-end as well as a great front-end. We've got the tools and expertise to help you create an intuitive and engaging user experience that your customers will love and your competitors will envy.
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Why Intersog?

Intersog has been pushing the global digital transformation forwards for over 15 years providing custom software solutions and UI UX services for clients around the world. We give you dedicated teams of the world’s best developers and deliver real value fast.

Global Outreach

Headquartered in Chicago, USA, Intersog operates across the globe to help you find the best UI UX developers.

Fast Results

Being a professional UI UX design services company, we know how to deliver tangible success fast.

Outstanding Quality

With a strong talent and tech stack, we deliver a superb quality product that sets new industry standards.

Reliable Partnership

Intersog is not just a UI & UX design agency, we are a reliable partner you can trust with any project.

What We Offer

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and Intersog helps you make a good one. We provide a full scope of UI and UX services for building effective custom acquisition and retention strategies and help cement your brand in customers’ minds. Intersog UI UX developers offer an extensive set of services to make a lasting impact that drives your business towards success. Together, we can make a strong and positive first impression.

UI UX Services We Provide

Mobile App Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
HMI Design

Mobile App Design

We ensure a satisfying, immersive, and intuitive user experience by leveraging our vast tech stack and talent pool. Intersog experts deliver consulting and development services to clients worldwide and create truly outstanding mobile applications. We give you access to the world’s best mobile app UI and UX designers to ensure the success of your product.


Web Design

Increase the efficiency of your business with responsive, adaptive, and platform-specific web applications that adapt to all kinds of devices, environments, and specifications. We create flawless web designs that correspond to your needs and help you achieve your business objectives. We fine-tune the product to address your needs and give your users the experience they need.

Safety and Security

Graphic Design

Hire professional UI UX designers at Intersog and achieve new heights with your new visual identity. We work together on finding that new visual identity you’ve been looking for and help you top the competition by delivering a unique and visually appealing experience that keeps your customers satisfied in a long run. Our goal here is to make a lasting first impression.

Simple Deployment

HMI Design

Intersog experts help you increase the operational efficiency of your enterprise by automating processes and applying top-shelf UI and UX expertise to guarantee comfortable user interface interactions. We create highly responsive and user-friendly interfaces that allow your employees to better interact with automated devices and increase the overall efficiency of your enterprise.

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Our UX/UI Design Services

Design Workshops

UX & UI Consulting

Creative Direction


Usability Testing

Every Dollar Invested In The Ease of Use Returns $10 To $100.

Our UX/UI Design Process


Business Goal Analysis User Needs Evaluation
Competitor Benchmarking Strategy Development

We start our design work with the identification of your business objectives, goals, and priorities. In this step, we help you discover your app user needs and align them with real-life user stories.

Information Architecture & Wireframes

Design Layouts & Mockups Information Architecture
High Fidelity Prototypes

At this stage, we present you with the initial wireframes with the proposed data structure and your KPIs. We conduct focus group research to check how potential users will interact with your app features. We will transform all the testing data into an action plan to improve the design.

User Testing

Focus Groups A/B testing Architectural Analysis

We conduct a focus group research to check how your potential users will interact with your app features. We transform all the testing data into an action plan to improve the design. Then, we help you choose UX/UI design that will be right for your particular app or software and most convenient for users.

UI Design

Branding Unique Features & Appearance

No matter how cool your app is in terms of functions, users will stay away from downloading it if its UI isn’t appealing enough. We’ll make your app’s UI design fully match your corporate brand and identity design, so that it’s perceived as an integral element of your brand’s unified entity.

Front-End Code Development

HTML CSS JavaScript

Our coding experts will ensure your product has the same look and feel as designed and has been properly tested on a platform of your choice.

Integration Support

Support Feedback Evaluation Warranty

After the front-end development has been completed, we do proper back-end integration and are ready to deliver your app’s UI / UX design. To help you make this process completely stress-free, we provide extensive support and can make some last-minute tweaks to improve your experience.

Client Success

Developing an Email-First AI Virtual Assistant Using GPT-3 and a Custom NLP Model
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Our client is an American ed-tech startup providing online education services
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Intersog delivered an enterprise mobility solution for CDW, a Fortune 500 provider of tech products and services
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Innlandet Hospital Trust is one of 15 health trusts in Helse Sør-Øst and covers the counties of Hedmark and Oppland of Norway
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Fido Solutions and Intersog established a long-term technology partnership to develop and improve Fido LOANS, a money lending mobile app for consumers
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Intersog developed an all-encompassing supply chain management system for Mitsubishi Motors
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    Convenient Recruitment

    Intersog works with the best to guarantee outstanding results; we are a team of real experts who can get any project up and running.

    Real Expertise

    We give you the CVs of our best experts and help you choose the ones that match your project and your needs.

    You Are in Charge

    We operate globally so we can get you a team of developers anywhere around the world to match your culture and values.

    Cultural Matching

    We can give you an entire team of developers in just a couple of weeks, which allows you to start your project off earlier.

    Fast Kickoff

    Our quality assurance experts will run frequent tests to make sure the solutions we develop for you are of the highest quality.

    Guaranteed Quality

    Benefits of Partnership with Intersog

    Efficiency and Speed
    Broad Skillset
    ​Adaptive Cooperation​
    ​Competitive Advantage

    Efficiency and Speed

    With our 15 years in the industry, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver tangible results fast. We streamline our development processes in such a way as to align them with your business objectives to achieve the best possible results. Having worked with hundreds of partners over the continents and industries, we came up with an array of strategies that help us deliver results three times faster than most custom software development service providers. Each decision we make is meant to help you achieve success and maximum return on investment.


    Whenever you try to hire a UI UX designer, you lose time headhunting, negotiating, recruiting, and onboarding people; what we offer is a fast recruitment process that gets you an entire team of developers up and ready in just a couple of weeks. We are a professional UI and UX company that offers you an impressive talent pool of the world’s best developers who can jump straight to action at the shortest notice. Intersog helps you hire professional teams of designers and UI UX developers in just a couple of weeks, and once hired, they are ready to deliver results.

    Broad Skillset

    Intersog is a talent powerhouse, and we are proud of our developers and designers. We leverage a broad scope of technologies and skills to deliver superb results and truly get your company to another level. We create innovative products and outstanding designs to make a strong and lasting impact, help you attract new customers, and keep your profits growing fast and steadily. We provide our designers with all the tools and opportunities for professional growth and development to help them truly express their creative potential and deliver exciting designs on each project.

    Adaptive Cooperation

    Apart from being able to scale your existing team up or gather a new team of developers from scratch, Intersog offers you a flexible cooperation model that accounts for your changing needs and new market challenges. A modern market changes fast, and you need to be agile enough to adapt to those changes. Intersog offers several cooperation models and delivers success on many levels.

    Competitive Advantage

    Getting on top of the competition is never an easy task; it takes a combination of factors to get that competitive edge, and Intersog can help you with some of those. First and foremost, we give you the world’s best talents for hire – real experts who can handle the most complicated projects. Secondly, hiring an outside team of designers gives you a fresh look at your organization, something you might’ve been lacking all that time. More so, unlike freelance designers who are mostly interested in getting paid and be over with your project. Intersog offers you a real partnership with a professional UI UX company that has a genuine interest in helping you achieve success. Most importantly, Intersog helps you cut the recruitment and development timeline, which saves you both time and money giving you an advantage over the competitors.


    We will take care of all the administrative aspects of our partnership so that you can focus on other important tasks. We are not just offering you a team of UI UX designers, we also take care of their needs. Intersog provides developers with proper working conditions, comfortable offices around the world, takes care of the payroll management and takes care of taxes, and solves any possible issues related to the functioning of the office. Our goal is to lift as much weight off your shoulders as possible and help you achieve success without a headache.

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    Global Talent Pool for Your Success

    Intersog is a global custom software development company headquartered in Chicago. We operate globally to deliver success wherever you are.

    Tel Aviv Delivery Center

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    Our representative will contact you within 24 hours
    to discuss your project requirements.

      I give my consent to Intersog to process and retain my personal data as set out in the retention section of the Privacy Policy.

      Expertise and Efficiency

      Over our 15 years in the industry, we’ve gained expertise and knowledge to ensure efficient delivery of any project we work on. Starting with mapping out the strategy and ending with delivering a fully functional product, we’ve seen it all, and we are ready to deliver the success the Intersog way.


      Hiring even a single designer or developer might be a daunting task that might take weeks and even months of your precious time. With Intersog, you can get an entire team of world-class experts in just a couple of weeks. We do not waste any of your precious time and get your whole team ready for action fast to get your project going as soon as possible.


      One of the main reasons why most companies turn to outsource their projects nearshore or offshore is cost-efficiency. Hiring a whole team of developers from your local talent pool is not only time-consuming, but it might also be quite pricey. Intersog offers reasonable hourly rates and superb quality, and we can get you an entire team of developers in just 4 weeks.

      Unparalleled Quality

      Quality is always our main focus, and we do not just do our work faster, we do it much better than most. We have the skillset, tech stack, experience, and knowledge to successfully deliver projects of any complexity level. Our developers have everything it takes to develop a product that is up to the industry’s highest standards and your utmost expectations.
      Intersog does not engage with external agencies for recruitment purposes. Learn more about this here.