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Why VR and Games Made with Unity Are so Impressive

The cross-platform game engine, Unity, was created by Unity Technologies in 2005 to “democratize” the game development industry, trying to make it accessible to every virtual...

11 Famous Mobile Apps You Never Knew Were Hybrid

Imagine a day without using a mobile application. Pretty much impossible, isn’t it? Let’s talk about them. Mobile applications can be generally broken down into three...

AI for Business: An Executive’s Guide

Introduction  We are living through the historical evolution of artificial intelligence (AI). Indeed, a revolution. It’s crucial for businesses to try every means to...

How OpenAI API is Changing Artificial General Intelligence

Generally speaking, we are all too familiar with the existence of AI around us. Artificial intelligence is a part of our day to day, whether we chose to be a part of it. That...

10 Signs Your Legacy Systems Need an Urgent Upgrade

Stuck in the past?  Feeling nostalgic for simpler times? The king of horror novels Stephen King said “Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” That may apply...

Five Stages of Team Development: How to Build a High-performing Tech Team

Organization is the key. Be it a startup or a Fortune 500 company, they all thrive when there is excellent coordination amongst teams and a proper working model that they all...

Algorithm Complexity Estimation: A Bit of Theory and Why It Is Necessary to Know

Computational complexity Computational complexity or simply complexity of an algorithm is a measure of the amount of time and/or space required by an algorithm for an input of...