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What Is the Difference Between Custom Written Software and Off-the-Shelf Software?

Software Development Blogs
What Is the Difference between Nearshore, Offshore, and Onshore Software Outsourcing?

Software Development Blogs
2 Alternatives to Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing

Software Development Blogs
Effective Communication in Software Development: the Client’s Guide

Intersog Has Been Featured on the List of Top Software Companies in Chicago

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How to Choose a Software Development Company

Choosing the right developer for your custom software is like choosing the right contractor to build your house – if you want it to turn out perfect, you need a reliable vendor...

Fixed Price Contract for Agile Software Development: Pros and Cons

There are two major pricing models and partnership contracts in software development outsourcing: fixed price and time & material model. The choice is not always obvious, and...

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Software Development?

Software outsourcing is the practice of delegating certain tasks or duties to a 3rd party vendor, a custom software development company that handles the entire project or...

Automatic Pruning in GA Network

The current trend in AI research is to create very large models trained on massive amounts of training data. Such models effectively solve many optimizations, classification, and...

13 Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Hiring a dedicated team of developers is a perfect solution for large-scale and long-term projects, which is why so many companies across the globe opt for this cooperation...

INTERSOG Highlighted as Top Artificial Intelligence Company

At INTERSOG, we help businesses achieve their goals, reduce costs, and accelerate growth through high-performance software engineering. We’re an AI development and IT staffing...

What Is a Dedicated Team Model?

Dealing with a long-term project is never easy and there are many things you must consider before you even start. One of the main problems you would face straight away is how and...