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Ignition + MQTT = IT/OT Convergence

Envision a centralized hub sitting between all your enterprise systems that converges and delivers data in such a way that only those who need particular “atoms” of data can...

IIoT – The New Skin of SCADA

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a classic concept with a new spin. SCADA is essentially IIoT and has been for decades. The oil and gas industry (and others) have been...

Important Tech News of December

SpaceX Starship explodes spectacularly after successful high-altitude test flight Photo: Elon Musk For nearly two minutes on Wednesday, Elon Musk's Starship SN8,...

Fintech News from November 2020

The FinTech scenario is rapidly evolving. From Cybersecurity and risk management to banking and insurance, hundreds of new ideas at new startups coming up and innovative...

Building a Speaking Web-Bot in 10 Minutes

Chatbots functionality and quality grow quickly nowadays, with more and more advancement. It is popular to use chatbot widgets on the web to provide support to site users. The...

The World in Technology

The future of transportation Through magnets and low air, pressure humanity is taking giant steps on our transportation here on Earth. Image credit: Sputniknews The...

Goodbye, October! And The Best News of The Month

At this moment of time, we want to welcome November, and we say “Goodbye! October 2020” not without turning around one last time and giving a glance at the most outstanding...