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5 Key Success Factors in Software Development Projects

Completing your software development project within the time and budget you’ve set beforehand is a challenging task, and according to the report by Standish Group, around 31.1%...

12 Questions to Ask a Software Development Company When Outsourcing Your Project

Choosing a proper partner for your software development project is a huge decision that will directly impact the outcome of your project and the sufficient functioning of your...

6 Alternative Software Development Methodologies

The success of a project depends on a wide variety of factors such as the proficiency of your software developers, the relevance of your equipment, proper planning, sufficient...

Audit of Outsourced Software Development: 7 Steps

Running an audit on your outsourcing strategy is a complex process designed to ensure the success of software development projects by locating weaknesses, opportunities, and...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Agile Software Development

Agile is not just a framework or a set of directions; it is a mindset and a culture under which software development teams achieve success and deliver it to the clients. The...

Pros and Cons of Offshore Software Development

Starting a software development project is rather challenging, especially if you do not have a team of professional developers in-house, and that is exactly why outsourcing your...

How to Implement Agile Software Development: The Complete Checklist

An agile workflow is a type of development process that puts an emphasis on speed and short-term milestones over long-term planning. Basically, what you do is divide your work...