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Javascript is Still Cool!

JavaScript is everywhere and javascript is still as cool as ever! Since the language was developed in 1995 by Brendan Eich to make websites interactive, it has gone on to do a...

Top Software Development Methodologies

The success of any project depends on several factors including the proficiency of your dev team, sufficient buy in and budget, good QA and ultimately, good process. This makes...

Global AI Race: Dominant Players and Aspiring Challengers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a global AI race and a key driver of economic growth as its evolution and implications are significant to various industries, making it a...

Ignition + MQTT = IT/OT Convergence

Envision a centralized hub sitting between all your enterprise systems that converges and delivers data in such a way that only those who need particular “atoms” of data can...

Intersog Recognized as a Top AI Development Company

At Intersog, we help businesses achieve their goals, reduce costs, and accelerate growth through high-performance software engineering. We are an award winning custom AI...

Developing a Mobile MVP App: Key Factors and Cost Estimation

When creating mobile applications, the conventional wisdom has been to build an MVP — a Minimum Viable Product — before investing more time and resources. The idea behind the...

Mobile Analytics – “Big Data” vs. “A Moment”

When looking at big data vs a moment, which is more important for content and communications strategies? These days, you can't have a marketing strategy without considering your...