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Leading Virtual Teams: Seven Proven Practices

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How US Businesses Adapt to COVID-19

Team management
Work From Anywhere: How The Pandemic Has Transformed Our Jobs Forever

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Hire The Right Cybersecurity Experts For Your Business

Team management
How to Hire Remote Developers for a Dedicated Project Team

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How to estimate the cost of an offshore development team

So you want to have decided to offshore your software development or you’re about to decide, but still want to know how much is gonna cost you and where to outsource. Sure, you...

A simple guide to hiring developers and teams

Let’s face it. We live in a competitive world. We live in a world where everything is a race. Not just that, but we are also living in a world full of technological...

Five survival tips to manage remote programmers during a crisis

Do you also feel like we are living in one of those movies they used to make about pandemics? Like, contagion. That movie gives you the chills. We are all living it now. At the...

The Critical Choice: Why Not Hiring the Right Developers Ruins Projects

Here's an uncomfortable truth: the majority of developers you'll interview for a junior to mid-level position won't be great. That isn't to say they'll be bad hires,...

Software outsourcing and COVID-19: how remote teams have become even more productive?

It’s no surprise that all the industries have been significantly affected by COVID-19. The outsourcing industry, just like all the others, has been hit badly with this...

The Essentials Of A Successful Hiring Strategy For Web Developers

Did you think hiring was a piece of cake? We are sorry, but in today’s world filled with competition and brilliant minds, hiring talent is one of the hardest tasks. Recruiting...

How to Make the Right Staffing Decisions for Your Software Project

We all know that your company’s worth as much as your employees. Therefore, the staffing and recruiting process is quite crucial; helping you get to potential candidates and...