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A simple guide to hiring developers and teams

Team management
Five survival tips to manage remote programmers during a crisis

Team management
The Critical Choice: Why Not Hiring the Right Developers Ruins Projects

Team management
Software outsourcing and COVID-19: how remote teams have become even more productive?

Team management
The Essentials Of A Successful Hiring Strategy For Web Developers

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How to Make the Right Staffing Decisions for Your Software Project

We all know that your company’s worth as much as your employees. Therefore, the staffing and recruiting process is quite crucial; helping you get to potential candidates and...

Overcoming Game Programming Challenges with Offshore Development Teams

If you thought that video games are just for kids, here are a few facts that would change your opinion. Statistics show that about 65% of US adults, around 164 million people...

Proven Team Building Activities for Remote Employees

Do you know that quality team building activities can make remote teams as close as on-site teams? And, as statistics show, around 75% of employers believe that teamwork and...

Hire Remote Workers for Your Team with Confidence

Did you know that the list of remote work perks has never been longer and it even keeps growing? That’s precisely why some companies, such as Zapier, Buffer, Automatic, etc....

How to keep your remote team focused on work after the world has stopped

If you look at the streets of New York right now, you’ll see that the world has stopped. Places like The Big Apple that used to be packed, now look abandoned due to the...

How to Perfect Your Remote Team Management Approach

Working from home has long been trending among specialists from all different spheres. However, now, due to the unprecedented global pandemic of COVID-19 and a special quarantine...

What Distinguishes a Great Project Manager from a Bad One - A Friendly Checklist for Recruiters

Being a recruiter can be quite challenging. It’s mainly because of the day-to-day employment decisions recruiters have to make. In fact, the future of the company depends upon...