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How Being Agile Is Different From Doing Agile

“Agile” has become a buzzword over the years and has even made it into marketing content. Every business wants to be more agile and efficient, so they design agile development...

Five Types of Dysfunctions in Software Development Teams and How to Fix Them

When you put a bunch of humans together, there is always a good chance of dysfunction creeping in. If you have worked with (or in) different IT teams over the years, you would...

Product Owner's Role In Agile Teams

Product owners have an important role to play in agile teams. After all, they are the only people who are responsible for the standard of the team’s performance. But it’s also...

Five Metrics to Measure Your Software Team Performance

In a modern world, continuous integration (CI) is part of the game, so standalone metrics just don’t cut it anymore. The end user isn’t going to bother with errors discovered,...

Two Intersogers Create a Social Network For Gamers and Plan to Win $20K With It

In order to contribute to Ukraine's national IT talent pool growth and to nurture an in-house pool of junior geeks whom we can bootstrap and up-skill on internal non-client...

What It's Like To Be a Principle Data Architect At Tesla Motors

Journalist Hanna Bandalier has interviewed a Principle Data Architect at Tesla Motors, and this is my English translation of the interview excerpt for the English speaking...

How to Keep Your Remote Software Development Team Safe and Secure

The telecommuting population is growing rapidly with about 3.7 million Americans already working from home these days. Further, in the UK, 58% professionals who were surveyed...