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How to Program a Voice Assistant in 10 Minutes

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How to Create a Voice Assistant for Your Website

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Why RxSwift Is Worth Using in 2021

RxSwift, like any tool, is just a convenient way to solve any problem. Some time ago it was very popular to use Rx in all mobile applications. Let's see if this is so at the...

How Close Are We to Artificial General Intelligence

Generally speaking, we are all too familiar with the existence of AI around us. Artificial intelligence is a part of our day to day, whether we chose to be a part of it. That...

Calculating Time Complexity of an Algorithm: What You Should Know

Computational complexity Computational complexity or simply complexity of an algorithm is a measure of the amount of time and/or space required by an algorithm for an input of...

How to Make a Custom URL Shortener Using Golang and Redis

URL's shorteners are popular web services that create short "aliases" (short links) for lengthy URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). Users get redirected to the original URL after...

How Developers Keep up with the Latest Software Technologies

To stay on top of the game in every industry you have to put in the time, effort, and money and effectively spend all your assets on the continual knowledge and expertise...

A Guide to Becoming a Full-Stack Developer

The tech guys get paid a lot,” we are sure you have heard this somewhere. Lately, the word developer has gained popularity. In fact, full-stack development has engaged more...

How to Use GPT-2 for Custom Data Generation

The GPT-2 is a text-generating AI system that has the impressive ability to generate human-like text from minimal prompts. The model generates synthetic text samples to continue...