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Why Software Developers Have the Best Job in the USA in 2018

In recent years, the healthcare industry dominated the best jobs in America. But according to the recent U.S. News and World Report’s annual survey, the top spot has been taken...

How To Make Sure Your App Is Ready for iOS 11 and iPhone X

The world recently saw the release of iOS 11 and the game-changing iPhone X. It was a revolutionary event as it introduced a whole new way of engaging with the end-user. The good...

How to Determine Data Lake Business Model Maturity

Most enterprises don’t need a big data strategy, rather they need to develop a robust business strategy that incorporates big data. It’s important because valuable data...

Which Language Has Best Chance of Survival: Python, Java, or JavaScript?

It’s near impossible to accurately predict the future of any programming language let alone Python, Java, or JavaScript. But right off the bat, it’s safe to say that the...

How App Developers Can Stay Relevant with IoT

The internet of things (IoT) is no longer a novelty that’s championed by Apple Watches and Nest thermostats. In fact, the industry has grown significantly since the technology...

How to Plan a Data Migration Project

Businesses in the digital age have a lot of storage and data options. At the same time, the requirements around data control are also continuously evolving. As a result, every...

10 Things to Consider When Building Enterprise Apps

Enterprise mobile apps have been experiencing a period of rapid acceleration in recent years. This phenomenon is driven by many companies embracing enterprise apps as tools to...