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Coding Tips
Ten Best Practices of Hiring Talented Programmers for Offshore Software Development

Coding Tips
Why SwiftUI Is the Best iOS UI Framework

Coding Tips
What Can You Do with Node.js as a Web Developer

Coding Tips
An IT Recruiter’s Tips to Find Perfect App Developers for Hire

Coding Tips
Want to Hire the Best Developers? Here’s How You Can Do That!

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Who Hires Software Developers Anyways?

Did you know that there are 23 million software developers worldwide according to a study by EDC? And not to mention all the freelance software developers as an addition to the...

How to Build a Question Answering System Using Deep Learning

In this article, we'll learn two basic methods of implementing Question Answering systems using Python development. A Question Answering (QA) system aims at satisfying users...

How Your Organization Can Hire & Retain Talented Software Developers

Hiring and retaining talented software developers is a challenge for both startups and enterprises. This is true for all types of businesses (not just technology companies) that...

How Bright Colors in UI Design Increase Customer Engagement

The purpose and functionality of software and mobile applications are at the heart of successful digital products. However, the User Interface (UI) design is just as important....

The State of Software Development in 2018

The largest and most trusted online community for developers, Stack Overflow, recently published the results of their Annual Developer Survey (that takes place in January each...

Software Testing in 2018: Emerging Trends and Best Practices

The world of software testing is currently experiencing a sea change that demands every software tester and Quality Assurance (QA) engineer to keep up with the latest trends....

2018 Developer Skills Report: In-demand Languages, Popular Frameworks, and Hiring Challenges

Regardless of what kind of work you’re doing right now, you have to accept that the future of work is going to be quite different. In fact, everyone on the planet will be...