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How to Create an Apple TV app with React Native

TVs are the next great frontier in native app development after desktop and mobile devices. The launch of Apple TV+ on-demand subscription service in 2019 and the release of the...

Basic Tips on How to Become a Developer and Learn Programming from Scratch

Do you want a change of career and become a web developer? Due to the ongoing digital transformation, if you learn how to code, your chances for employment and profit are high....

How to Get Hired As a Junior Developer

"Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you imagine it." Yes, the legendary George Lucas is absolutely right. But if you want a junior developer position you...

How to Use Groovy Scripts in SoapUI for Test Requests

SoapUI is a convenient GUI application for testing REST API and SOAP Web Services, which exists in 2 versions: Pro and Open-source. Here we will consider the Open-source version...

How to Design a Cloud Infrastructure with Google Cloud Platform

Cloud computing has been around for more than two decades, and despite the technical efficiencies and cost-related benefits it delivers to DevOps teams, a large portion of the...

How Much Do Software Developers Make?

Amidst the pandemic of COVID-19, we have all seen the importance of technology as well as the “forceful” push of businesses in accepting digital transformation. Now,...

NLP Text Preprocessing in Python: 3 Methods

To get a well-performing chatbot with accurate intent classification and question-answering, you usually need a massive amount of training data. Generally speaking, that data is...