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SAM Learning is a well-recognized British company providing online learning and examination services to thousands of schools and colleges worldwide.


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SAM Learning is a well-recognized British company providing online learning and examination services to thousands of schools and colleges worldwide. Its e-learning experience platform supports personalized programs through a proprietary method of interactive self-assessment and independent revision.


The company turned to Intersog with a request to help them develop and implement a new web-based system to facilitate service delivery to educational institutions across the United Kingdom.

With this new delivery system, SAM Learning aimed to:

The outcome SAM Learning expected to receive from us was a well-designed, high-performing web application featuring marketing and user experience capabilities that would help the client better promote their e-learning services in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Intersog's software development team from Ukraine denormalized and optimized the database to tune the system performance and support time-critical operations. This improvement allowed us to keep the data consistent and effectively separate the write and read loads. Our goal was to increase the overall performance. Our team developed the fault-tolerant message queue and backed it up by the new batch write service.


Thousands of operations per second

Multiplying DB writes originating from different front-end nodes into a single operation.

Improved performance

Implemented the new caching technology to increase the overall system performance

Adding the notifications

Adding the notifications for the users to inform them about important activities that are directly related to their area of responsibilities

Legacy system migration

Reached the feature parity between the legacy and new systems, in 6 months.


Game-like mechanics were added into the platform, which improved user engagement and experience.


After a successful data transfer, we launched the new system. Our team then started to work on the system optimization and extension. As a result, we substantially improved the app performance and usability.

Due to the successful code unification, we were able to support multiple products for different market segments using the single platform. The use of Vue.js framework allowed us to make the learning process much more accountable and transparent thanks to the improved data structure and visualization. The new marketing and UX/UI features we created helped improve SAM learning's service delivery in the United Kingdom and the United States. The new trial option available for any school or teacher allowed to greatly boost the interest of the service among all end-users.

The newly developed concept of gamification became an important feature, as it added lots of fun to online competition between students and generally made the online learning process more effective.

The SAM Learning project is fully supported and regularly updated by Intersog team. We are currently working on the number of features to improve the platform's quality and at the same time - to substantially reduce operational costs for the client.

Our Clients Say

Thanks to Intersog dev team, we are now able to support multiple web products for different market segments using a single platform.

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