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Do you have more data than you know what to do with? Let us help you turn your data into meaningful and actionable insights.
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To survive in today's competitive marketplace, successful organizations are leveraging data to make better business decisions. At Intersog, we employ the latest technologies to help you become a Data-Driven Organization.

Identify Key Data Indicators

(KDIs), build strategic roadmaps, and put data to work for your company

Provide Smooth Big Data Processing

Via the power of the Cloud and Data Analytics

Big Data Solutions

Geared towards your company's specific business objectives

Our Services & Solutions

  • Full-stack Data Engineering
  • Full-Service Scientific and Predictive Analytics
  • Temporary Staffing for Big Data Projects
  • Ready-Made BI Platform
  • Business Intelligence Development
  • On-Site and Virtual Training Sessions
  • Cloud Managed Services (AWS, MS Azure, Etc)
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Big Data as a Service (BDaas)
  • Big Data Consulting

Big Data Strategy Assessment

Identify Project

Identify Project & Company Goals (To Maximize ROI)

Quantifiable Outcomes

Specify Quantifiable Outcomes

High-Value Use Cases

Determine High-Value Use Cases And Actionable KDI

Review Effectiveness

Review Effectiveness Of Current Investments

Summary Of Findings

Summary Of Findings With Deliverables

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