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Do you have more data than you know what to do with? Intersog's Big Data Development Services can help you turn your data into meaningful and actionable insights.
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  • Full-stack Data Engineering
  • Full-Service Scientific and Predictive Analytics
  • Temporary Staffing for Big Data Projects
  • Ready-Made BI Platform
  • Business Intelligence Development
  • On-Site and Virtual Training Sessions
  • Cloud Managed Services (AWS, MS Azure, Etc)
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Big Data as a Service (BDaas)
  • Big Data Consulting

Big Data Strategy Assessment

Identify Project

Identify Project & Company Goals (To Maximize ROI)

Quantifiable Outcomes

Specify Quantifiable Outcomes

High-Value Use Cases

Determine High-Value Use Cases And Actionable KDI

Review Effectiveness

Review Effectiveness Of Current Investments

Summary Of Findings

Summary Of Findings With Deliverables

Why Intersog?

Intersog is a Chicago-based Big Data software development company that’s been delivering top-notch big data consulting services and solutions to clients around the world for over 15 years. We have the experience and the resources to help you achieve tangible results on your big data project fast.

Global Talent Pool

We operate across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle delivering professional big data application development services.

Outstanding Expertise

We work with the best to deliver the best results leveraging a wide range of tools and techniques for outstanding quality.

Fast Recruitment

We help you hire an entire team of developers in just a couple of days, and once you approve the team, we are ready to deliver.

It's Your Choice

Intersog offers you a selection of the best big data developers for hire and you make the call on the final composition of the team.
Big Data Analytics Services

What is Big Data?

Big data is exactly what it sounds like – big portions of data that are being processed to reveal certain trends, patterns, and associations. Especially the ones related to human behavior. Big data is impossible to process using traditional methods and is surely impossible to process by humans, it is simply too vast. That is why most businesses turn to big data analytics services, and that’s what Intersog can help you with.

Benefits of Using Big Data

Customer Acquisition
Focused Marketing
Risk Identification
Innovative Product
Complex Supply Chains
Control Your Brand

Customer Acquisition

To really stand out from the crown, you need to understand who your customers are, what they need, and what you can give them. Big data can help you analyze the market trends and behavior of your customers to understand what they like and what they don’t like about your product or service. You can then use that information to adjust your marketing efforts and attract more customers. For instance, can analyze the preferences of customers in a particular area, identify what they need and what they do not have at the moment, and then come up with the new product they’ve been looking for.

Focused Marketing

You can use big data to tailor your marketing campaigns. You’ll be able to understand which marketing strategies work and which don’t, so you won’t have to spend money on obsolete advertisement. Big Data offers a more sophisticated analysis of trends and helps you adjust your campaigns and properly allocate resources. Many businesses waste money on ads that bring little to no results, and you can avoid that with big data as a service.

Risk Identification

One of the primary benefits of big data integration services is that it gives you access to the bigger picture so you can see things that were previously out of reach. As said, you can optimize your marketing efforts to avoid redundant spending but you can also mitigate bigger threats. You can analyze the week points in your current infrastructure and predict potential breakdowns that can result in significant financial losses. With that knowledge, you can prevent a wide variety of issues from ever occurring.

Innovative Product

Big data and the analytical power it offers allows companies to update and upgrade their products to match the growing needs of the customers. With the big data software development services by Intersog, you can collect and parse large amounts of data to understand what your customers need and what your product is capable of. You can then allocate resources to engineering new products that would provide customers with more benefits.

Complex Supply Chains

With the help of big data, you can manage large and complex supply chains with laser precision and insight. You can manage the supply deliveries from different parts of the world, send money to the contractors, manage the transportation of goods, and the eventual manufacturing of the product with the integration of big data solutions. You can send payments or get financial services from partners in other countries, and all of that is available at your fingertips. Big data truly is a power to be reckoned with, and its timely implementation can lead your business to new heights.

Control Your Brand

It is essential for you to understand and monitor how people see your brand. Do people like your brand? Do they have any complaints? As businesses shift towards the online domain, you can monitor your brand reputation with relative ease. The timely implementation of big data can help in analyzing the public sentiment towards your brand, which can prove vital for your brand reputation.

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Success that Inspires

Intersog provides big data solutions that help achieve measurable success.
Intersog delivered an enterprise mobility solution for CDW, a Fortune 500 provider of tech products and services
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Fido Solutions and Intersog established a long-term technology partnership to develop and improve Fido LOANS, a money lending mobile app for consumers
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Intersog developed a groundbreaking healthcare app that helps patients consult with doctors remotely
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Intersog partnered with the University of Michigan to help monitor and improve the condition of roads in real-time
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We built a collaborative software development team with Elite Staffing to facilitate the analysis, definition, testing and delivery phases
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Intersog helped MCC to develop a self-service mobile application that improves the coordination between the employees
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Convenient Recruitment

Intersog is a global IT talent powerhouse and we give you a selection of the world’s top experts with a trackable record of expertise.

Real Expertise

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We give you CVs of our best experts and you choose the ones you want on your team. You are the one making the final call here.

You are in Charge

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Thanks to our global presence, we can find you developers that fully match your team, its culture, and its values for the perfect synergy.

Culture and Values

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We do not waste time getting straight to action. Once the team is ready, we are ready to deliver real results and tangible success.


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We work fast but we never satisfy the quality of the product we deliver. We always focus on quality and always give you our very best.

Quality Guaranteed

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Work with the Best, be the Best

Intersog is your new reliable partner on the way towards digital transformation and growth. We are a global provider of high-quality software, and over 15 years in business, we came up with a robust full-stack cooperation model.


We start out by giving you our advisory services. Basically, we just analyze your specs and define your goals to see which solutions would fit your case best.

Development and QA

Our nearshore and offshore developers leverage frameworks like Java to develop necessary solutions and our QA experts test them to ensure superb quality.

Product Deployment

We roll out a big data solution that allows you to gain insight into your market and analyze the behavior of your customers for more educated decision-making.

Support and Maintenance

We do not just leave you after the work is done – we keep on maintaining and improving your big data solution for maximum efficiency and top performance.

Global Outreach for Your Success

Intersog is based in Chicago, USA, providing custom software development services all around the globe.

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    Provide Smooth Big Data Processing

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