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Reset Your Technology Strategy and Get Ready for a Post-Pandemic World

About time we all changed the way we did things. As the world takes baby steps in the post-pandemic period, it is essential to note that you are literally living through a...

How to Hire Remote Developers for a Dedicated Project Team

Want to hire developers for an existing project team? - This can be a daunting task, don’t you think? The reason behind it is the lack of developers worldwide. Even though...

AI Trends To Dominate In The Mobile Industry

The penetration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evident in every single industry, starting from the entertainment industry to crucial advancements in the healthcare industry...

How to estimate the cost of an offshore development team

So you want to have decided to offshore your software development or you’re about to decide, but still want to know how much is gonna cost you and where to outsource. Sure, you...

Three methods of pre-processing data in AI chatbot development

To get a well-performing chatbot with accurate intent classification and question-answering, you usually need a massive amount of training data. Generally speaking, that data is...

Ten Best Practices of Hiring Talented Programmers for Offshore Software Development

For all the right reasons, the growing leaps and bounds in the field of software development have significantly affected its productiveness. If you are a stakeholder and running...

A simple guide to hiring developers and teams

Let’s face it. We live in a competitive world. We live in a world where everything is a race. Not just that, but we are also living in a world full of technological...