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Who Would Let the Robot Drive? The Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Another restless night with only a couple of hours of REM sleep. And now, a long commute driving to work in heavy traffic. But no worries, you will be able to catch a few...

Load Testing via Locust Framework

What is load testing? Load Testing is a subset of performance testing where we test the system's response under varying load conditions by simulating multiple users accessing...

When IT Staff Augmentation Matters to Your Tech Strategy

Got a supremely fantastic idea? Great, so do millions of other people around the world.  For business success, planning is crucial. Doing that will separate those who...

WFA and Talent Retention: How to Retain Tech Talents Working From Anywhere

About $30 billion a day is saved while you work from home. That number is not a joke, nor is it something we are making up. Global workplace analytics confirms it, and they...

Remote Work Basically: Definition and Terminology

Remote work is not a new term to anyone, any more. This is also not the luxury that most employees got as a part of their benefits package in North America. This is pretty much...

Tech Salary Tips: How to Know If You Earn Enough as a Software Developer

Many software engineers are having struggles setting up a salary requirement just because of the difference in salaries with their colleagues. Nevertheless, it seems like the...

IT Outsourcing Explained: Why Companies Outsource Information Technology Projects

To outsource, or not to outsource, that is the question. (With apologies to William Shakespeare.) Basically, those professionals maintain what is arguably the most important...