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Quarantine is a Catalyst for Growth in Outsourcing Game Development Projects

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Software outsourcing and COVID-19: how remote teams have become even more productive?

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The Essentials Of A Successful Hiring Strategy For Web Developers

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Building an effective IT strategy: five essential tips for tech executives

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Intersog Ranked One of the Top IT Services Companies in 2020

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Unleashing the power of intelligent automation in eCommerce AI projects

The leap in eCommerce acceleration is continuing to grow by 23% year-over-year, and has been brought about by cutting-edge web, supply chain, and mobile technologies. People can...

Here’s why U.S. businesses outsource their software development teams to Mexico

Get to know what offshoring is, how it can help your business, and what the benefits are. At the same time, compare the benefits of nearshoring vs. offshoring. Outsourcing...

Five warehouse automation trends in supply chain management

Warehousing companies are operating in really tough environments. With rising international trade barriers and limited labor, they need to find ways that reduce cost and increase...

TOP 5 IT functions to outsource in 2020

The global market of IT outsourcing services is anticipated to hit a $1.1 trillion mark in 2020, according to In the age of COVID-19, many more companies are now...

What Can You Do with Node.js as a Web Developer

Node.js is a JS (Javascript) runtime environment, an open source and cross-platform, built in Chrome v8 JavaScript engine that can be written in JavaScript, C and C++. This...

Adopting Scrum Team Best Practices for Video Game Development

Are you looking for the best team for your video game development? If your answer is yes, then you should consider adopting some of the latest development approaches that bring...

How to Make the Right Staffing Decisions for Your Software Project

We all know that your company’s worth as much as your employees. Therefore, the staffing and recruiting process is quite crucial; helping you get to potential candidates and...