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10 Best Tech Job Boards for Developers and Engineers

At this age, when technology is at its peak, there’s no industry that does not hire IT professionals. In fact, companies and their recruiters are looking for newer and creative...

Top Growing AI Companies and Startups in the United States

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Why Do US Companies Hire Ukrainian Developers?

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A Guide to Becoming a Full-Stack Developer

The tech guys get paid a lot,” we are sure you have heard this somewhere. Lately, the word developer has gained popularity. In fact, full-stack development has engaged more...

How to Use GPT-2 for Custom Data Generation

The GPT-2 is a text-generating AI system that has the impressive ability to generate human-like text from minimal prompts. The model generates synthetic text samples to continue...

Who Would Let the Robot Drive? The Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Another restless night with only a couple of hours of REM sleep. And now, a long commute driving to work in heavy traffic. But no worries, you will be able to catch a few...