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Why Intersog?

Intersog has been leveraging cutting-edge solutions for over 15 years, and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, we shifted our focus towards AI software development services. AI offers immense growth opportunities for anyone harnessing its power, and we are here to help you do that.

Global Outreach

Intersog is headquartered in Chicago, USA, with offices around the world to help you hire the best AI developers.

Unparalleled Expertise

We work with the industry’s best developers to deliver top-notch AI app development services to boost your success.

Fast Recruitment

We do not waste time and cut the recruitment process down to 4 weeks giving you the industry’s best AI developers.

You Make the Choice

We offer you the best talents and the best quality of service, and it is always up to you to select people want on a team.

Why Outsource?

Right now, there’s no point in recruiting an entire team of in-house developers for a single project. It is much easier, cheaper, faster, and more convenient to use the services of remote developers at an artificial intelligence development company. Intersog offers you top-shelf AI solutions, the industry’s best talents, convenience, and quality – all of that is yours within just a couple of weeks. Outsourcing your AI project is unarguably the best way to go about it.

Success That Inspires

Get on top of your digital transformation just like our clients did.
Developing an Email-First AI Virtual Assistant Using GPT-3 and a Custom NLP Model
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Our client is an American ed-tech startup providing online education services
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Intersog delivered an enterprise mobility solution for CDW, a Fortune 500 provider of tech products and services
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Innlandet Hospital Trust is one of 15 health trusts in Helse Sør-Øst and covers the counties of Hedmark and Oppland of Norway
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Fido Solutions and Intersog established a long-term technology partnership to develop and improve Fido LOANS, a money lending mobile app for consumers
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Intersog developed an all-encompassing supply chain management system for Mitsubishi Motors
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Main Benefits of AI for Your Business

Customer Communication
Accurate Forecasting
Problem Solving
Contingency Plan
Repetitive Tasks

Customer Communication

AI-based chatbots give you the opportunity to provide around-the-clock support to your customers, automates communication, and make the experience more convenient. Of course, web chatbots might feel clunky and fail to comprehend certain nuances of a client’s speech at times, but thanks to advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), we will soon see drastic improvements in the AI-assisted customer communication.


Make your customer experience more personal and strengthen brand loyalty. AI can help you analyze the preferences of the customers, understand their buying patterns, track their journey with your brand, and predict their future needs. This can help you give better and more personalized services to each of your clients. Analyze the social activities of your customers, their previous purchases, and deliver advertisements and services that are perfectly tailored to each individual client.

Accurate Forecasting

One of the main benefits of AI is that it reduces the probability of human error. This is essential for any enterprise that aims at boosting efficiency, reducing the amount of wasted material, and increasing profits. More so, with the precision of AI forecasting capabilities, you can make more informed decisions that would boost your business up and give you the edge over the competitors.

Problem Solving

A business powered by AI is more likely to survive in the future due to the AI’s capacity to make predictions and suggest solutions to certain problems. The algorithm can analyze all the available information in a matter of seconds and make suggestions that would promote your interests and help you achieve your objectives. Machine learning technology helps in processing large chunks of information and make educated decisions based on the research conducted by the AI. This has proven to be an essential tool for many companies already and that is why artificial intelligence development services might turn out to be a perfect solution to the issues influencing your business.

Contingency Plan

Thanks to the business forecasting capabilities of AI, you can develop strategies for all scenarios and prepare for literally anything. Starting with minor supply chain breakdowns and ending with the global financial crisis – you can develop a strategy to deal with any kind of threat and ensure sustainable functioning of your business throughout the harshest market conditions. With the help of AI, you can map out all the possible situations and scenarios and have a plan to deal with any kind of threat.

Repetitive Tasks

Well, we all know how dull it is to do the same thing over and over. When performed by humans, repetitive tasks can lead to burnouts and increased possibility of error due to the dropping alertness and engagement. AI can help solve this problem by handling those repetitive tasks and giving you the opportunity to allocate your workforce to other more essential tasks. This can save you time and money as you won’t be dealing with the consequences of human errors. You will also have the chance to better allocate and manage your human resources.

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Convenient Recruitment

Intersog is a real talent powerhouse that gives you access to the world’s top developers who deliver tangible success across industries.

Real Expert

We give you the list of our best experts and provide trackable proof of expertise for each of them. You can then choose the ones that suit you.

You Are in Charge

Thanks to our global presence, we can help you hire people from anywhere around the world to match your culture and values.

Culture and Values

We do not waste time and get straight to work once you approve the composition of the team – we are ready to deliver success.

Fast Kickoff

Our Quality Assurance team will run tests to make sure your mobile application or any other kind of product is top-notch.

Focus on Quality

​Our Development Process​

Strategy and Roadmapping

When you hire artificial intelligence developers, you want to be sure you get the most bang for your buck, and Intersog gives you full-stack development that starts with planning the entire project and ends with post-production support and maintenance. We have the experience and tools needed to deliver the results you need, and we apply that experience to deliver top-notch services and be the best AI development company in the USA.

Development and Testing

After we map out all the development stages, we start to actually develop the product. Whether it is a chatbot, a robot, an analytical tool, or whatever else you may need, we approach the development process with confidence and precision. We make sure to deliver the best possible result and to achieve that, our QA experts run frequent tests. Testing helps us find and eliminate any possible weaknesses in the code.

Market Launch

After the development process is done, we launch the product and gather feedback from the users. It is paramount to make sure it works exactly as intended and that there are no abnormalities in the functioning of the AI. We also offer support and maintenance services at a reasonable cost so you can be sure your software functions flawlessly in a long run.

Global Outreach for Your Success

Intersog offers you access to a vast talent pool across the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe.

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