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Best Custom .Net Development Company in the USA

If you need to hire a full team of .Net developers, we’ve got you covered. Intersog is a Chicago-based multinational provider of outsource .Net development services you can fully trust with projects of any complexity.

Global Talent Pool

Intersog is a global provider of software solutions headquartered in Chicago. We hire people from around the world to give you the best.

Easy Recruitment

We are ready to deliver results once you approve the people you need from our list of the best .Net developers from across the globe.

Client in Charge

You make all the calls when choosing the people for your team. You make decisions, we deliver top-quality software solutions for you.

Top-Shelf Product

We test the product at each stage of development and constantly gather your feedback to ensure second-to-none service quality.

What is .Net Framework?

Net Framework is a platform for software development launched by Microsoft and used for building and running Windows applications. Despite being an originally Windows-based framework, you can use it for developing iOS and Android apps. It is quite a versatile framework for building websites, desktop and web apps, web portals, and video games. .Net application development is quite convenient since it consists of multiple languages, tools, and libraries making it perfect for broad uses.

The Perks of .Net Application Development

Safety and Security
Simple Deployment


Microsoft provides backward support for the older editions of the .Net platform. If you are working with the older edition of the .Net, you can keep on using it because, with every new edition, Microsoft makes sure to provide proper backward support to the older ones. This says a lot about the ease of maintainability of the .Net platform. Intersog can easily update your old version of the .Net for the greater convenience of use.



The apps built on the .Net framework run on any Windows device, and with the recent versions of it, you can now hire dot Net developer team to build apps that run on other platforms like iOS and Android. The older versions, though, would need some updating to run on the modern iOS and Android devices, and you can do that fast and easily with Intersog.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Microsoft employs high-quality security mechanisms to help in the verification and validation of applications. The security mechanisms are all app-specific, so you can leverage these mechanisms to grant or deny access to the application code. This prevents unauthorized access to the core code of the application and ensures its long-term security by storing the vital data on the cloud.

Simple Deployment

Simple Deployment

The .Net framework is quite agile as it allows the developers to build custom frontend and backend solutions and also allows for the use of out-of-the-box solutions. These packages can be then modified and customized to account for the specific needs of each client. Intersog excels in both – we develop 100% custom solutions and adapt the existing .Net tools to deliver the end product of the finest quality.

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Delivering Software Solutions Across Industries

Intersog is a global provider of quality software solutions to boost up your business.
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Fast and Simple Recruitment

Unlike freelance agencies, Intersog delivers real expertise. We give you a selection of certified .Net developers, so you hire the very best people for your project.

Real Experts

We give you the CVs of the best nearshore and offshore developers and you choose the ones you need. You can conduct interviews to assess their expertise yourself.

It’s Your Call

Thanks to our global presence, we can help you hire .Net developers that match your culture and values to ensure effective communication withing the team.

Cultural Matching

It takes several days and up to two weeks from the moment you contact us to the moment your .Net team is all set to work and deliver success to your project.

Fast Deployment

We run regular quality assessments and gather your feedback to make sure we really do our best. We adjust our approach to meet your needs and business objectives.

Guaranteed Quality

Why Use .Net for Application Development?

Code Reusability
Easy Deployment​
Reliability and Security
Numerous Languages
Service-Oriented Architecture
Legacy System Integration

Code Reusability

The success of any project in software development is measured by several factors, of which return on investment is the key. .Net framework is known for the simplicity of the code and its reusability, which means the developers spend less time coding, and once they are done, the code and its many components can be later reused for other products. The backend is robust and flexible, so you can reuse and change its components with great time and cost-efficiency.

Easy Deployment

The .Net framework allows for easy and frictionless post-development deployment thanks to features like private components, no-impact applications, partially trusted code, side-by-side versioning, and controlled code sharing. The execution is supported by the safe code environment. It also drastically reduces the chance of failure within scripted and interpreted environments.

Reliability and Security

The .Net framework has been introduced back in 2002, and since that time, it’s been used widely across industries. It has been running smoothly on Windows 2000 served, which remains one of the most reliable to this day. .Net offers unparalleled application security, which makes it invaluable for developing CRM, e-commerce, retail, and banking apps. The framework has been running flawlessly for almost 20 years, and with improvements being added to it on a regular basis, it is likely to maintain its leading position.

Numerous Languages

With the .Net framework, the developers can create an app for mobile devices, PDAs, desktops, and browsers. .Net is considered and marketed as a language-independent platform that is compliant with different coding languages like Python, Ruby, C#, C++, VB.NET, and many more. This gives developers much more freedom to code however they like and use different languages without having to adapt to the new framework. Of course, it has its own peculiarities, but it still is one of the easiest platforms to adopt.

Service-Oriented Architecture

Net is a framework of choice for Web Services, which is one of the best solutions for the Service-Oriented Architecture strategy. The best thing here is that the apps developed using different languages and platforms can all communicate and exchange data with standard Internet protocols. The .Net framework allows that to happen easily allowing for the flawless execution of your SOA strategy.

Legacy System Integration

As said, Microsoft backward supports the older versions of .Net but that’s not all. It allows you to write any format of a file, which opens the doors for a variety of integrations. You can integrate a variety of extensions into your existing solutions with the help of a seasoned dot Net development company like Intersog, and get your entire IT ecosystem to a whole new level.

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A Time-Tested Approach to Boosting Your Success

Intersog has been providing quality full stack development services to businesses worldwide for over 15 years. It gives us the experience and knowledge for delivering success to any project. We’ve developed an agile and robust cooperation model that gets your project from the ideation stage all the way to the deployment of the final product.


We start our cooperation by defining your needs and specs. Our consultant services include mapping out the project delivery timeline and pinpointing the milestones on the way to delivering the best product.

Development and QA

We give you our top tech talents as well as the most qualified QA specialists to develop a product and test it throughout the whole process. We constantly test the solutions we deliver to make sure they are top-notch.

Product Deployment

We deploy a beautiful product you and your users are going to enjoy. You will then evaluate the final delivery and tell us whether you need any improvements added to it. We tune the product to your highest expectations.

Support and Maintenance

We do not just leave you there with the code, we give you full support throughout the product’s lifecycle and guarantee the flawless functioning of the front end and back end side of it through the years.

The Perks of Working with the Best .Net Developers

Intersog is a Chicago .Net development services provider that works with clients from all around the world. Our global presence allows us to reduce the communication gap between you and your remote team and ensure perfect cultural matching. Cooperation with Intersog gives you numerous perks, some of which are the following.

Unparalleled Expertise

Intersog is an IT talent powerhouse that drives digital transformation across industries and delivers success to hundreds of clients. We offer the best IT outsourcing services and guarantee timely delivery of the top-shelf product developed with the .Net framework, as well as a variety of other coding languages. Every solution we deliver is guaranteed to bring tangible success.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Headhunting, interviewing, onboarding, and training your own developers is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, which is why it is more efficient to hire an entire team all at once at a reasonable hourly rate. We help you hire a team of senior .Net developers within days, and these people will be there, delivering value to your business in a matter of a week saving you time and money.

Fast Kickoff

As said, you can rely on our developers to come and get your project going in a matter of one week or so, and that is where the true value of our services is – you no longer need to spend months hunting for and recruiting the right people because all the right people are already here, at Intersog. We can start working on your project the very day you approve the composition of the team.

Why Outsourcing Your .Net Project is a Viable Solution?

There are several reasons for hiring an entire team of professional .Net developers:

  • You don’t have any .Net developers in-house
  • You need senior developers to lead your team
  • You need to save money with reasonable hourly rates
  • You need to get the project going ASAP

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Intersog is a Chicago-based software development provider with a global presence offering you the world's best .Net developers.

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    Intersog offers you 15 years of experience in .Net development. We create custom solutions and leverage the .Net toolkit to give you the edge on your path to digital transformation.

    Honesty and Clarity

    We believe in strong and transparent cooperation with the clients, and that is what we promise on our part. We maintain close communication to properly monitor the progress and adjust the development process. That way we can be sure everything is going well and that you are fully satisfied with the performance of the team. Intersog is a reliable partner for any project.

    Trusty Partnership

    Your trust is no game, and we do our best to build strong and trusty relationships with all of our clients. Whenever you are trying to get your business one step further, you need to be sure there are good partners by your side, and Intersog gives you that confidence. We are here to help you achieve your digital transformation goals fast and easily, and you can trust us with your most ambitious plans.

    Post-Development Support

    There are tons of companies who can code for you, but Intersog is one of the few who actually care for your product and support you after the project is finished. That is why we offer our support and maintenance services. We make sure your product runs smoothly through the years, update it when needed, and add new valuable features depending on your growing needs.

    Precise and Efficient

    We bring value and measurable success to your business fast.

    Key Factors Identification

    We analyze your specs and identify your key needs to deliver the product that is truly yours and matches your objectives.

    Saving Your Money

    By hiring a whole team of developers, you can save up to 40% on your project cost, the money you can allocate to your other needs.

    World’s Best Developers

    Intersog gives you access to a vast talent pool of the world’s best .Net developers, and you can choose the exact people you want.

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