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Five warehouse automation trends in supply chain management

Warehousing companies are operating in really tough environments. With rising international trade barriers and limited labor, they need to find ways that reduce cost and increase...

TOP 5 IT functions to outsource in 2020

The global market of IT outsourcing services is anticipated to hit a $1.1 trillion mark in 2020, according to In the age of COVID-19, many more companies are now...

Why Scrum Is Important for Game Development

Are you looking for the best team for your video game development? If your answer is yes, then you should consider adopting some of the latest development approaches that bring...

How AI Development Is Helping the Healthcare Industry to Fight Against COVID-19

If you thought that artificial intelligence (AI) was all about self- driving cars and other luxurious equipment, maybe now is the time to change your attitude towards it. Amid...

E-Commerce, Coronavirus, and the Rise of Technology

Even before the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and its related panic buying and lockdowns, e-commerce had asserted control on international trade. A 2019 report by CNBC...

How AI Is Transforming IT Outsourcing

AI can increasingly handle the tasks assigned to outsourced IT teams.  Businesses outsource mainly to cut costs, and AI promises to shift businesses’reliance on people...

5 Recent Trends in Project Management for Startups

For decades now, project management has served as a functional branch in every industry. Whether it concerns launching a new product or software, project management has its...