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IT Strategy
Five warehouse automation trends in supply chain management

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TOP 5 IT functions to outsource in 2020

IT Strategy
Why Scrum Is Important for Game Development

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How AI Development Is Helping the Healthcare Industry to Fight Against COVID-19

IT Strategy
E-Commerce, Coronavirus, and the Rise of Technology

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How AI Is Transforming IT Outsourcing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can increasingly handle the tasks assigned to outsourced IT teams.  Businesses outsource mainly to cut costs, and AI promises to shift...

5 Recent Trends in Project Management for Startups

For decades now, project management has served as a functional branch in every industry. Whether it concerns launching a new product or software, project management has its...

IoT Development in Healthcare: Challenges and Opportunities for MedTech Companies

With advances in the medical field happening at such a fast pace, it is only normal for companies in this industry to try and create new products in order to ease the work of...

What You Should Learn About Google Machine Learning and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are getting more and more attention nowadays. Investing in AI and ML means getting the competitive advantage every business...

Top 5 IT Staffing Trends for Product Startups in 2020

When it comes to IT staffing, the common theme across countries and industries is fierce competition for a small talent pool. As we head into a new decade, you can bet that...

Go South, Go North: How American Tech Firms Find Affordable Tech Talent Nearshore

As we enter the age of hyper digitization, we have to accept the fact that we don’t have enough software engineers around to meet the demands of the marketplace.  Even...

Healthcare Software Development: Trends in 2019 and Examples

Healthcare software development is going through a period of considerable acceleration. In fact, eHealth development has dominated activities within the industry for the past few...