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Top 4 Technology Obstacles Self-Driving Cars Will Have to Overcome

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Security of IoT Devices: The Threats Are Rising

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How Big Data & Analytics Solve Challenges in the Logistics Industry

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Smart Finance: How AI Can Help You Manage Your Money Better

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How Healthcare Can Benefit from Data Integration

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Accelerating Business Growth with IoT: How to Reach More Customers with Connected Devices

In 2018, it’s hard not to hear about enterprise digital transformation and how it’s a critical part of businesses staying relevant. But what does it really mean? Does it mean...

Top 3 Cryptocurrency Apps for Portfolio Management

Anyone investing in cryptocurrencies will eventually be faced with the issue of keeping track of all the values of their crypto-coins along with the overall portfolio valuation....

How Machine Learning Will Change Healthcare

The healthcare industry plays a critical role in our society, so it’s no surprise that it has been actively adopting the latest technologies. However, it hasn’t always been...

Creating Tech for Good: How Technology Helps Solve the World's Problems

In recent years we have heard a lot about startups disrupting a variety of industries from healthcare to finance. But what you may not have heard about is its broader impact...

AI, Blockchain, and Big Data: FinTech Trends in 2018

Financial technology or FinTech is booming and its potential has got a lot of people buzzing about it (and no, I am not talking about cryptocurrencies). The excitement surrounding...

Top 3 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch for in 2018

The great migration of data from on-premise storage to the cloud began in 2006 when Amazon released Simple Storage Service (S3) in 2006. We have come a long way since then with a...

How Augmented Reality Will Influence E-Commerce

When e-commerce first emerged, it disrupted the traditional brick and mortar retail business model. Since then, nothing has really changed. It really hasn’t evolved to become...