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How Mobile Apps Help Hotels and Airlines Boost Customer Retention and Increase Profits

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5 Digital Transformation Trends IT Leaders Need to Know

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How Brands Leverage Augmented Reality to Enhance Engagement and Boost Sales: 3 Real World Examples

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How Corporations Leverage Big Data: Real World Examples

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How Healthcare Organizations Can Build Their Immunity to Cybersecurity Attacks

When it comes to cybersecurity threats, the healthcare industry is a major target for nefarious actors. According to Merlin International and the Ponemon Institute’s study, 2018...

How Is Patient-Centric Application Development Different?

The digital age has ushered in increased awareness, especially when it comes to one’s health. Today, people are highly motivated to not only monitor and maintain good health but...

How AR & VR Apps Optimize Healthcare

Healthcare has always been quick to adopt the latest technology to help enhance patient care. So it’s hardly a surprise to see augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)...

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It’s no secret that hiring top data scientists has been a huge challenge for enterprises across industries. The situation is only going to get worse as IBM predicts that the...

3 Ways AR/VR Can Help Your Business Scale: How to Improve Customer Engagement and Experience

For decades, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) was nothing more than a pipe dream. However, over the last few years, thing have changed dramatically to possibly...

8 Mobile Design Trends That Will Rock UX in 2018

In just a few months of 2018, mobile phones have generated 52.2 percent of all website traffic and this number is continuously growing. The latest data shows that mobile users...

Developing the Internet of Things (IoT) Apps for Smart Homes: Latest Trends and Challenges

Smart homes didn’t rapidly become the norm like all the experts predicted. This can be attributed to significant privacy and security concerns, lack of perceived benefits, and...