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jQuery Development Services by Intersog

Intersog is your reliable partner on the journey towards digital transformation, and jQuery is a powerful and flexible framework that helps us realize your most wonderful ideas. We provide top-notch jQuery development services and help you hire a team of dedicated developers.

Fast Recruitment

It takes just a couple of days for us to get you a full team of jQuery developers. Tell us how many people you need, and we’ll get you our very best.

Cost-Efficiency in Mind

We save your money by helping you hire jQuery developers. Intersog offers reasonable hourly rates to save up to 40% on project cost.

You Are in Charge

We give you a selection of the world’s top web developers and you pick the ones you want working on your project. The choice is always yours.

Global Talent Pool

Intersog is a global jQuery development company with offices around the world. With us, you can tap into a global pool of jQuery developers.

Why Choose jQuery for Your Project?

jQuery is a JavaScript library that is specifically used for cross-platform client-side HTML scripting. The library is often used by web designers to make the product design more appealing to the users. Simply put, this library is used for improving the UI and increasing the aesthetic appeal of your product. It is simple to use, it does not require advanced programming skills, and it is quite cost-efficient.

Advantages of jQuery

jQuery is Simple
SEO Friendly

jQuery is Simple

Most developers admit that jQuery is rather intuitive and simple to learn, though it is not a game either. It offers a simple syntax, shortened code, and open coding standards. Any developer with a previous experience with Java and HTML can get along with jQuery quite easily. One of the main advantages of shortened code is time-efficiency – working with jQuery does not take much time.

jQuery is Simple

SEO Friendly

A visually appealing website is good but it is not enough. The way you code your website might directly influence its position in Google search. jQuery can be optimized for a variety of search engines, which is essential for SEO. You can combine jQuery with the HTML5 plugin for advanced search engine optimization.

SEO Friendly


Though jQuery is a Java-based library, jQuery elements display even when JavaScript is disabled on the user’s browser. By leveraging HTML DOM, the content of the website will be represented in the way it was intended even if Java has been disabled on the user’s browser.



One of the popular options for creating lovely visuals on your website is Flash, which is not cheap. Flash developers go through a huge learning curve and charge high, and the software itself is not cheap either. In contrast, jQuery is easy to master and it is open-source, which means it is free to use. More so, it gives you all the benefits of using Flash. The choice here is quite obvious.

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Success Stories that Inspire Action

Intersog delivers software solutions across the continents and industries.
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Hire Offshore jQuery Developers Fast

Whenever you hire a jQuery developer, you need to be sure they are worth your time. We give our best experts with a proven record of experience.

True Expertise

We give you the CVs of our top jQuery UI developers and you choose the ones you want to see on your team. The choice is always yours to make.

It’s Your Decision

Thanks to our global presence, we can guarantee a full cultural matching between you and the jQuery development team we find for your project.

Culture and Values

Once you select the right people for your team, we are ready to jump straight to the action. We guarantee rapid application development.

Ready to Roll

Though we act fast, we do not rush. Intersog values quality above all else, and we want to make sure your product is up to the highest standards.

Real Human Values and Unparalleled Expertise

Intersog has been delivering top-notch software solutions to clients worldwide for over 15 years, and our experience tells us that true professionalism and real care for the client are paramount. Our partnership is based on skill, care, trust, and genuine desire to help your business grow.

Real Partnership

Intersog gives you more than just jQuery developers for hire or a code; we give you our knowledge, skills, experience, and true care. You are more than a client, and Intersog is more than a vendor. We are partners bound by the goal of achieving measurable value and taking your business to a whole new level.

Real Values

We put transparency and honesty at the forefront to ensure mutual trust and respect. Another reason why we are good at what we do is that we love it – we take joy and pride in building high-quality custom software for our clients, crafting lovely mobile apps, and designing aesthetically superb web pages.

Action-Ready Team

We recruit professional jQuery developers to fast and ensure they are ready to deliver tangible results as soon as you need them. Once you’ve selected the people you want on your team, they start working on your project immediately and waste no time. At the same time, we ensure quality by running regular QA tests.

Global Talent Outreach for Your Success

Headquartered in Chicago, Intersog leads digital transformation worldwide with offices across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Why Hire Dedicated jQuery Developers?

Each company has its own reason for hiring jQuery developers:

  • You don’t have jQuery developers in-house
  • You want to save up to 40% on the project’s cost
  • You want to augment your team with professionals
  • You don’t have the time to recruit the whole team

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Projects We Are Proud Of

Intersog is a reliable partner you can write your own success story with.

Intersog develops a robust online supply chain solution for Mitsubishi Motors that embraces the whole logistics process from

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Digital marketing and prospecting tool custom-built using Objective-C, LAMP based CMS and Omniture SiteCatalyst analytics.

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A face-to-face video medicine app that connects doctors and patients for online consultation. Technologies Java, React, Objective-C.

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