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Intersog Gains Game-Changer Status on Clutch

Intersog, a leading technology partner, gains recognition on Clutch’s prestigious list for game-changing software developers in Chicago, showcasing their commitment to providing quality solutions for businesses of all sizes.

When it comes to running a business, the last thing businesses want to deal with is bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and lack of manpower. Investing in quality software solutions allows businesses, regardless of size, to automate their processes and gain the leverage they need to accelerate their growth.

Founded in 2005, Intersog is a dedicated technology partner that provides amazing tech talent to help businesses increase productivity and get things done. We are known for our diverse set of skills and expertise that allows our clients to launch products fast, without worrying about major setbacks.

The projects entrusted to us by our clients have allowed us to establish ourselves in this cutthroat industry. In fact, we’ve had the massive privilege of working with clients of all sizes — from Fortune 500 giants to brilliant startups.

The trust and support of our clients recently helped us rank highly as a trusted B2B resource. Intersog was highlighted on Clutch’s updated directory for game-changing software developers in Chicago.

To give better context, Clutch is an independent B2B reviews and ratings website from Washington DC that’s designed to help browsers connect with reliable service providers. The site serves as the go-to platform for insightful content encompassing sectors such as information technology, business services, and marketing.

Their prestigious game-changer ranks are composed of trusted companies that have earned the stamp of approval of their clients. Firms that want to make it on the shortlist must demonstrate unrivaled commitment, expertise, and transparency.

We’re extremely grateful to have the wonderful support of our clients welcoming this opportunity for us. Thank you so much to all of our clients, especially those who took the time to review our services. We can’t wait to see how far we climb as we continue to make waves together

“They're truly invested in the project and make their clients a priority. They became part of our team and our company even though they were a contractor.”  — VP of IT, SupplyCore

“I really like their ability to problem solve. My project was weird and complex, and they threw themselves into solving the problems quickly. They know what they’re doing.”CEO, Financial Services Startup

Looking for a team that’s always updated with the latest technologies? Intersog is here for you. Connect with us right away and let’s work together.

Intersog does not engage with external agencies for recruitment purposes. Learn more about this here.