analyze, define, document, build roadmap, execute, refine
Impact Advantages


Intersog is an ideal Ignition Partner for project engagements and when you need an Ignition certified consultant. Basically, if you need Ignition help with software development, equipment integrations and IoT initiatives, please contact us. We leverage your subject matter expertise in plant operations while we focus on defining user requirements tied to business objectives.

Our Ignition clients have a vision for what they want out of the system. They have selected (or have a good idea of) what equipment they need and what functionality they aim to facilitate. Indeed, we assist our clients with gap analysis of the current state and future vision, help determine next steps and provide estimates on the software development efforts leveraging Ignition.


From the highest level, Intersog looks at the business drivers and objectives. Then we focus on the users, how they do it now, what they need, and what they envision in an ideal scenario. This top down and bottom up discovery helps meet the business needs at both ends.
In this definition phase, Intersog will demonstrate the types of built in Ignition functions (control, monitor, workflow, alert, report) are feasible to mutually determine the MVP scope. We then begin defining each screen, workflow, process, role and security. This becomes our foundation for the prototyping and development phases.


Based on a client’s current state, Intersog will work with the client to define what type of engagement is needed. Engagement types include:

  • Product Delivery - complete end-to-end development
  • Dedicated Team - comprised of client personnel, Intersog expertise, additional partners SME (if required)
  • Expert Developers - Ignition certified, MQTT Certified, Sepasoft Certified

Intersog team members can consist of one to many, depending on the desired and required constructs. Utilization for Intersog team members is flexible based on the project requirements.