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Online Casinos: What to Consider When Going Mobile?

No secret that the rapid mobile application development and introduction of more powerful smartphones and tablet devices have boosted evolution of the global mobile market and...

Meeting with Brett Minchington in Odessa

On August 15th, 2013 over 50 HR professionals from various Odessa-based companies gathered together to meet with Brett Minchington, the world's leading expert in the Employer...

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Gaming Company?

I’ve recently bumped into a very interesting and thought-provoking discussion in one of my LinkedIn groups. One former military man  asked other group members how much it would...

Tips for Successful Keyword-Driven Automated Testing

As a software tester, there are dozens of test automation tools and approaches that you can use to make your software as free from faults as possible. Over the last decade,...

Can Price Discrimination Work in Mobile Ecosystem?

The answer is yes. Whether you are an app developer, a publisher, or a seller of offline products or services considering jumping into mobile space to help you sell more,...

[Intersog Podcast #2] How to set up an effective offsite Agile development team

Some time ago Intersog's CEO Igor Fedulov and Richard Fredrick, VP of iSG2 Technologies, were interviewed by Chief Editor of The Outsourcing Journal about how to set up and manage...

Game Industry 2013: What Game Developers Need to Know About Their Audience

Today, game industry is among the most rapidly growing sectors worldwide. The number of game developers increases every year as well as the consumer spend on video and computer...