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Ukraine Ranks 13th Globally By Science and Technology Capabilities

In the Good Country Index, a new study on countries' contributions to the "common good of humanity", Ukraine ranks 13th globally in Science and Technology category, staying ahead of Russia (#41) and such developed economies as Denmark (#14), Belgium (#15), Netherlands (#18) and even the United States (#26).

Good country index 2014

The study is a joint effort of several institutions including Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Accenture, Development Initiatives, Global Footprint Network, and others. It's interesting to note that the Index doesn't measure "what countries do at home", but aims "to start a global discussion about how countries can balance their duty to their own citizens with their responsibility to the wider world".

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In Science and Technology category, researchers evaluated each country across the following criteria (all relative to GDP):

  • number of international students
  • exports of technology journals
  • number of Nobel prize winners
  • number of international publications
  • number of International Patent Cooperation Treaty applications

In total, the Index includes 125 countries. Find out more here.

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For your information, Intersog's CEO will be talking about Ukraine and its technology potential in the upcoming panel discussion by IAOP in Chicago on July 17, 2014. Feel free to attend the event, or sign up to our blog coverage of the meeting below.

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