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Artificial Intelligence Landscape in Ukraine

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Samsung Spectacles vs Google Glass

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Hackathon at Euromaidan Creates Tools to Strengthen Civil Society in Ukraine

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Five Key Technology Expectations for 2014

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Five eCommerce App Trends to Watch In the Near Future

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Why Use Cloud-Based Software for Event Management?

Event management is not an easy job. Even when you are trying to manage a small event, you need to organize dozens of things and accomplish different sets of tasks. You need to...

Tips for Aspiring Startup Founders

I've recently shared the below recommendations at one of the startups ramp-up workshops I've hosted, and would like to re-share them here. At least one failed startup is a...

How wearable technology will change future mobile paradigm [Part 1]

Six years ago our digital experiences evolved mainly around desktop solutions and few experts out there could foresee this huge leap into the mobile space we're seeing now....

Ukrainian Software Developers Are Most Loyal To Startups, Research Says

Online community of Ukrainian IT specialists DOU.UA has just released the results of its poll on employment preferences of Ukrainian software developers. In particular, the poll...

E-commerce Trends 2013

Today, e-commerce is growing much faster than sales in general and figures speak for themselves: according to IBM, in Q1 2013 in-store sales grew 3,2% only, while e-commerce sales...

Matt Cooper, oDesk: Outsourcing Allows Startups to Compete With Giants Like Facebook

This year, a special guest at IDCEE that took place in Kiev on 10-11 October was Matt Cooper, VP at oDesk, one of the world's biggest platforms for freelance consultants. Besides...

Ukrainian IT Market 2013: Fresh Stats and Forecasts

Last week Ukraine hosted IDCEE, the biggest conference for IT entrepreneurs and startups in Central and Eastern Europe. One of the most interesting reports presented at the event...