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One Hundred Ways To Monetize Your Web And Mobile Product

I've just come across a very interesting collaborative project that I'd like to share in our blog. Using Hackpad, more than 120 users crowdsourced diverse web and mobile revenue models, divided them into 9 monetization categories, and provided examples of successfully monetized startups and resources / platforms that companies can use to make money from their digital / innovative products.

how to monetize startup projects

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Let's see what came out of this effort (with my slight adaptation):


  • Display ads - e.g., Yahoo!
  • Search / text ads - e.g., Google
  • Audio ads - Pandora,
  • Video ads - e.g., Hulu, Youtube, Vimeo
  • Promoted content - e.g., Twitter, Facebook
  • Lead generation - e.g., ZocDoc
  • Affiliate programs - e.g., Amazon
  • Featured listing - e.g, Yelp
  • Ad retargeting - e.g., Criteo
  • Location-based offers - e.g., Foursquare


  • Retailing - e.g., Zapos
  • Crowdsourced marketplace - e.g., Threadless
  • Excess capacity markets - e.g., AirBnB
  • Vertically integrated commerce - e.g., Warby Parker
  • Virtual goods - e.g., Zynga
  • Digital goods - e.g., iTunes
  • Commission per order - e.g., GrubHub
  • Barter - e.g., SwapRight


  • SaaS - e.g., Salesforce
  • Service as a Service / Content as a Service - e.g., Shopify
  • Infrastructure / Platform as a Service - e.g., AWS
  • Freemium SaaS - e.g., Dropbox
  • Membership services - e.g., Amazon Prime
  • Paywall - e.g., NY Times

Peer to Peer

  • Lending - e.g., Lending Club
  • Gambling - e.g, Star Gambling
  • Service - e.g., TaskRabbit


  • User Data - e.g., BlueKai
  • Business Data  -e.g., Duedil
  • User Intelligence - e.g., Neustar Aggregate Knowledge (developed by us, BTW!)
  • Benchmarking - e.g., ComScore


  • Paid app downloads - e.g., Google Play, Apple App Store
  • In-app purchasing - e.g., Zynga Poker
  • In-app subscriptions - e.g., NY Times app
  • Advertising - e.g., Flurry, AdMob
  • Digital-to-physical - e.g., Red Stamp, Postagram

Read more and participate in this project here. Curious what 10 steps startups can make to attract and retain senior tech talent for their project development? Please check out our Guide in SlideShare.

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