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How to Avoid Five Common Mistakes in Apps Development and Marketing

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Five Thought-Provoking Apps for Google Glass

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[Webinar] Five Common Mistakes to Avoid in Apps Development and Marketing

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5 Best Video Games Developed in Ukraine

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How to make your app Google bot friendly

Last week our front-end team lead Vyacheslav Potravnyy did a great presentation on SEO methods in a single-page application (SPA) at Odessa Geeks Lab, a new educational initiative...

No More Space For Poor Quality Apps: Recapping Apps World 2014

Few weeks ago my colleagues and I attended Apps World North America and here's my brief wrap-up of the key trends and challenges that were most spoken about during this fantastic...

Programming Languages Rating as of January 2014 has just released new results of their ongoing programming languages rating based on the survey of almost 6,100 software developers of whom 92% reside in Ukraine and 8%...

Artificial Intelligence Landscape in Ukraine

Do you know what course became the most popular one at Stanford University last fall? Machine Learning! Taught by the computer scientist and Co-Founder of Coursera Andrew Ng,...

Computer engineering salaries in Ukraine as of February 2014

The main Think Tank for Ukrainian techies has just published its updates on their regular software engineer salary research and I believe it's worthwhile to share them...

Programming Languages Ranking: January 2014 vs January 2013

The "first and only" developer focused analyst firm RedMonk has recently published their ranking of programming languages as of January 2014. Let's see how the situation has...

How I spent one exciting week at British Higher School of Arts & Design

One of my long lasting dreams has recently come true - I’ve spent a great week full of impressions and intensive brainstorming at British Higher School of Arts & Design in...