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[Intersog Podcast #2] How to set up an effective offsite Agile development team

Some time ago Intersog's CEO Igor Fedulov and Richard Fredrick, VP of iSG2 Technologies, were interviewed by Chief Editor of The Outsourcing Journal about how to set up and manage effectively an external Agile development team. The interview is now available as a podcast that can help you answer the following questions:

  • How to build trust, confidence, collaborative mindset and shared product vision within and/or between your Agile teams
  • How to help maintain everybody's focus on the deliverable
  • How to manage Agile teams in a distributed development environment and deal with the mentality and cultural clashes
  • How digital startups and SMEs can access and hire the best IT talent available offshore
  • How to evaluate own company's readiness to launch a remote Agile team and get best value from the endeavor, etc

If you have any specific questions to address to the speakers, please provide them as comments to this post.

Enjoy the podcast!

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