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Key Enterprise Mobility Highlights From Super Mobility Week's MobileCON

This week, we're exhibiting our mobile app development achievements and portfolio at one of U.S. largest IT trade shows - Super Mobility Week's MobileCON by CTIA. The show has a very busy schedule of keynotes and panel discussions focused specifically on 'hot stuff' in 4G LTE, Connected World, Internet of Things. mobile security, iOS apps development, Big Data, etc. Enterprise mobility is one of this year's main discussion topics covered in several panels featuring thought leaders from HP, Genband, Blackberry, Dell, GE Ventures, Ericsson, AgilePoint, The Weather Channel and other giants from the enterprise world.

Here's my recap of the most thought provoking findings that may help shape the future evolution of mobility innovation at the enterprise level.

Jon Morris from DMI, a leading provider of enterprise mobile solutions to the federal government, has shared his 6 tips for effective enterprise mobility:

1. Leverage your existing apps such as DropBox and collaboration / data sharing.

2. Build beautiful, fun and easy to use apps to make employees literally fall in love with them and willing to use them (and stay away from building cumbersome applications with awful usability as that's exactly what irritates corporate users and negatively affects their buy-in). As such, always involve your employees in app prototyping, collect their feedback and integrate it before the final release.

3. Guide but don't restrict! Create and clearly communicate your apps usage policies, suggest certain tools and show the benefits of using them instead of imposing something from the top. The better you educate your staff on important apps usage, the faster they'll get adapted to the change.

4. Encourage employees to share and recommend their favorite apps to the co-workers.

5. Track productivity achieved with certain apps and measure success. Also, put an effort into analyzing time and cost saving for each particular team, then compare and choose the best apps able to boost productivity and efficiency.

6. Consolidate UX / UI Design and aim to build a single mobile hub for all of the tools used in the work process. It's always easier to manage one  app instead of many.

Regarding the future of enterprise mobility, each vertical has its own expectations:

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Driving Innovation Through Mobility Panel at MobileCON 2014 with John Xiang
Head of the eCommerce Mobile Channel, Liberty Mutual; Carl Yang, Director of Strategic Analysis, Fidelity Labs; Alex de Winter, Director, Healthcare Ventures, GE Ventures; and Chris Huff, Vice President of Mobile and Consumer App Development, The Weather Channel

Personal insurance

The key concern here is how to manage smart objects such as self-driving cars or smart houses in terms of technology, risk assessment and policies and regulations. Apps from the Connected World able to effectively respond to these concerns will be truly disruptive.

Healthcare and fitness

Mobile medicine that extends patient's communication with the doctor beyond the reception hours to the 24/7 concept and involves patients in decision making regarding treatment options will be the next big thing to gain momentum in the months to come.

Bioneurology apps that are able to change user behavior depending on weather conditions and do things such as predicting to optimal run time will be a real game changer in the wearable tech world. The Weather Channel (whose weather app currently ranks #7 and #2 among the most downloaded iPhone and iPad apps respectively) admits allocating investments in such apps development.

Internet of Things

Scientific apps that will research use of sensors and how exactly they affect the environment and help reduce stress and improve our cognitive abilities and decision making are badly needed and will attract investments in the near future.

We'll continue our recap of the MobileCON highlights and talk about the next big happenings in the Internet of Things and mobile development world in the upcoming posts.

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