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Mobile Development Digest #1: User Interface

Hi there! We're launching our weekly Mobile Development Digest - a compilation of links to resources essential for successful mobile development. Our Digest #1 touches upon the most critical aspect of application development - user interface (UI). So, what tools and resources are available for creating responsive and beautiful UI to increase your user base and enhance user loyalty? Read about Chicago mobile app development.

General UI design tools:

  • Design patterns: Android and iOS - visualizations that help you to understand your customer’s expectations or to induce them to choose what you want.
  • Material Design - Useful tool of combining color palette from Google.
  • Defining Custom Views - CodePath manual.
  • The best iOS 8 notification center widgets - An information hub giving you all sorts of data such as upcoming tasks, latest news, shipment tracking, etc.
  • Bitmap quality, banding and dithering for Android
  • Image processing in iOS - always valid and valuable.

Animation and interactivity

  • Property Animation, View Animation, Drawable Animation - Android animation and graphics overview.
  • Android Property Animation framework and Prototyping iOS animations in SWIFT - The most interesting topics.

Libraries and wireframes that help make beautiful UI


  • Rebound - dynamic tool by guys from Facebook.
  • EasyAndroidAnimations - 50+ animated collection.
  • StickyListHeaders - makes it easy to integrate section headers in ListView.
  • PhotoView - ImageView for Android that supports zooming by various touch gestures.
  • Android Sliding Up Panel - provides a simple way to add a draggable sliding panel (like in Google Music, Google Maps etc).
  • A simple showcase to show off Android’s new Material Design and some other cool new stuff.
  • SwipeListView - Android List View implementation with support of drawable cells and many other swiping features.
  • Universal Image Loader, Picasso, Ion, and Volley - libraries for asynchronous loading.


  • App Design Vault – App Design Templates.
  • Acorn – Image Editing.
  • – iOS UI inspiration.
  • Icons and Coffee – iOS icons.
  • Ivo Mynttinen – iOS design cheatsheet.
  • Protoshare – Wireframe and mockup.
  • Designing Mobile Apps – iOS app design manual.
  • Prepo – Preview iOS artwork.
  • Promotee – iOS app product shots.
  • SIP – collect, organize and share colors, helps encode any color on screen.

UI Design Tools

  • App Cooker – Advanced mockup & prototyping tool for iOS.
  • – Fully interactive high-fidelity prototypes that look and work exactly like your fully featured app .
  • Mockabilly – Creating app mockups on iPhone.
  • UI Stencils – Stencils, sketchpads and accessories for UI design.
  • justinmind – Rich interactive wireframes to define mobile apps.
  • UXPin – User experience design tools for professionals.
  • Symbolicons – Simple, precise and awesome vector icons.
  • Prototypes – Turn your stackable designs into a tappable iPhone prototype.
  • Blueprint – An iPad app for mocking up iPad/iPhone applications.
  • Mobility – A free set of mobile UI design elements.
  • Android GUI Set – Free Android GUI set including Photoshop files.
  • Fuidui - Helps you prototype Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows 8 mobile apps.
  • Appmockuptools - App Sketchbooks and iOS GUI Element Kits.
  • Intersog's iOS7 Inspired Web UI Kit - create your unique and stylish design with help of this PSD package.

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