Will HTML5 Dominate Enterprise Mobility Technologies In the Future?

At every trade show where Intersog is present with exhibition stand we are being approached with questions about HTML5. The most popular ones are focusing on our expertise and experience, and clients are asking if this is a right time to update the existing product lines or to select HTML5 as a primary app development platform. Being in technology fields for more than 20 years, I've seen many different claims for a "this tool is a panacea", and am usually careful with adoption, but this time it was obvious: big boys from Apple and Adobe understood the time is critical for a change, the main platform must be free to use and unified.

So these recent announcements made the topic of adoption extremely hot and placed this technology on the radar of every product team. The answer to all questions is very simple: it is time to start using HTML5 if you plan to compete in this dynamic market. We at Intersog have built some solid experience with HTML5 by this time, mainly due to vision of our clients, like Morton Salt and others. World Wide Web has changed once again, it's no longer about Flash, it's about products that are able to function on numerous desktop and mobile platforms, on every device and each screen resolution.

The task is, however, not the simple one. Legions of software development team are hurrying to learn and practice the modern programming techniques, and this creates a rush and sense of urgency. But in reality HTML5 has not been fully finalized yet, so there is plenty of time to start your large production projects and there will be enough time for us to complete them properly and on a required quality level. Enterprise mobility starts to analyze the trends and we see more interests from larger corporations in this technology as well. I think the trend will continue and we will see HTML5 as a dominating web and mobile technology by 2016.

Vadim is Intersog's Founding Partner and a digital industry veteran with over 20 years of experience under his belt. His vision has helped found several successful businesses over years including Intersog, dart117, ComboApp, etc. He's also a self-professed tennis enthusiast and ASA certified sailing lover