IT News and Trends

IT News and Trends
Intersog Labs Launches Back-End Development Course

IT News and Trends
Appindex Features Intersog Among Top Chicago App Developers 2015

IT News and Trends
[Intersog Podcast #3] Interview with CEO and Founder of Video Medicine, Inc.

IT News and Trends
ICS: DECIDE Treatment by EviCare Gives Patients In Norway More Control

IT News and Trends
AdvisorTV: Success in the U.S.

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Intersog's CEO Igor Fedulov Is Interviewed By AdvisorTV

We're excited to announce that our CEO and Co-Founder Igor Fedulov has just been interviewed and featured by AdvisorTV, a leading entrepreneurship platform that features visionary...

Intersog to Attend Norwegian-Ukrainian ICT & Investment Conference

We're excited to announce that Intersog will attend Norwegian-Ukrainian ICT & Investment Conference organized by Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. The event will take...

Intersog Becomes Media Partner of Media Hack Weekend By Future Media Lab

We're excited to announce that Intersog teams up with Future Media Lab to support Ukraine's biggest Hackathon ever during Media Hack Weekend of October 16-18, 2015. Organized by...

Intersog Labs Becomes Media Partner of IT Fest 2015

We're excited to announce that our IT education project Intersog Labs becomes media partner of IT Fest 2015 that aims to connect IT wannabes and junior software developers with...

Intersog Becomes Member of Norwegian - Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

We're pleased to announce that Intersog teams up with Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC) to explore new business opportunities in Norway, establish closer ties within...

Inc.Com: How a New Wave of Tech Unicorns Is Rising Out of Israel

John Boitnott (@jboitnott) features our blog post on Meta Space Glasses in his article for Inc.Com.

Odessa IT Cluster Launched

As we announced back in April 2015, Odessa IT companies including Intersog gathered to discuss whether Ukraine's Top 5 IT city needs own IT Cluster, i.e. consolidation of all...