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Interop Las Vegas 2014: Day 1 & 2

Hi from sunny Las Vegas where we're showcasing our mobile development expertise at Interop this week. Take a look at our video report below and see our booth setup in action.

We were too busy at our booth and couldn't attend a lot of sessions, but based on what we eavesdropped / were told by our booth visitors, some of the conference takeaways are:

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  • Digital revolution is coming to football

NFL CIO McKenna-Doyle said at the InformationWeek Conference that better Wi-Fi coverage and mobility will be added to all 31 league stadiums, including a new system that will instantly upload replays from all angles to the NFL headquarters in New York that will allow the central command to help on-field officials make the right calls and decrease officiating complaints from fans. The system will be based entirely on the cloud technology and Big Data will be the next big investment for NFL.

One more innovation NFL is investing in is a wearable tech. McKenna-Doyle pointed out that starting this Spring season, all players will be wearing shoulder pads fitted with sensors to automatically track who is on the field to ensure accurate accounting (player bonuses and contracts are tied to their playing time).

  • Best of Interop winners were announced

Here's lineup of some winners by categories:

    • Software-defined networking (SDN) - OpenDaylight - Hydrogen
    • Cloud - VMware - vCloud Hybrid Service
    • Data Center - Cisco - Nexus 9516 Switch
    • Mobility - Dell - Enterprise Mobility Management
    • Networking - Cisco - ISR 4451-X Converged Branch Infrastructure Solution
    • Best Startup - Basic6
  • Broadcom announced 5G Wi-Fi system-on-chip (SoC) to enable indoor positioning technology whose market is expected to reach $4 billion by 2018. Key drivers for this technology are: shopping malls / department stores, airports and stadiums.

There're 3 more days left until the end of Interop, so expect more reports from us here. Also, don't miss our tweets @ /Intersog (#interop #interop2014).

P.S. Looking forward to our today's video interview with YBLTV!

Vadim is Intersog's Founding Partner and a digital industry veteran with over 20 years of experience under his belt. His vision has helped found several successful businesses over years including Intersog, dart117, ComboApp, etc. He's also a self-professed tennis enthusiast and ASA certified sailing lover