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Intersog’s business communication apps

Our Interview Assistant Pro and MBA Learning apps gain recognition from the credible app review and assessment sites.

Intersog is pleased to announce that two of our business communication apps have recently been reviewed and rated high by AppPicker and BusinessBee.

On 11 July 2013, BusinessBee, a one-stop provider of free advice, tips and helpful resources for small business owners, reviewed and assessed Intersog’s Interview Assistant Pro app and gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

According to app reviewer John Roskelley, “designed to remove the guesswork and inconsistencies from the interview process, Interview Assistant Pro steps up with a powerful set of features to have you at the top of your game.”

In particular, Roskelley distinguished the following features and characteristics of Interview Assistant Pro:

  • Structured interviews
  • Extremely configurable
  • Template-based Careers and Interviews
  • Brainteaser Questions
  • Post-Interview Details

BusinessBee’s review concludes that our Interview Assistant Pro “is a useful app filled with relevant questions designed to maximize the structured interview process.” This app is recommended to both large companies looking for a mobile app to facilitate their hiring process, and small businesses without an HR professional.

On 13 July 2013, AppPicker, a global mobile apps reviewer, reviewed and evaluated Intersog’s MBA Learning app and concluded that even though the app does not have a fancy user interface, extensive features and cutting-edge graphics, it “focuses on content so that you can improve your communication skills.”

The ratio of the app’s pros to cons is 6 to only 1 which makes us assume the app is able to fully meet user’s major business communication needs.

Both evaluations prove Intersog’s strong commitment to product quality, great user experiences and digital excellence. Collecting feedback from our app users and credible app review sites allows us to determine how to best upgrade our products to meet and exceed user expectations. As such, we are looking forward to getting more positive reviews and high rating of our mobile apps in the future as a result of our ongoing product improvement.

The original reviews:

"BUZZREVIEW: Interview Assistant Pro App Simplifies the Interview Process" by John Roskelley, 11 Jul 2013;

"Business Communication app review: improve your communication skills" by Tonya Medeiros, 13 Jul 2013

About BusinessBee:

BusinessBee is a one-stop shop for solutions to all your small business needs. They provide free advice, helpful tips, and valuable resources that make it easier for people to run their small business.

About AppPicker:

AppPicker’s mission is to provide a better way to discover IPhone, iPad and Mac apps that are best for you. With hundreds of thousands of apps available, finding the right apps can feel like a daunting and confusing experience. AppPicker has built tools to help users more effectively navigate the sea of apps in an efficient and enjoyable manner.

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